Israel Activism

Do you love Israel? Do you want to do more? Do you want to understand?

Well now you have the resources to help you along your journey. Activists come in many different shapes and sizes. I for one started on my College Campus in Colorado and then moved to Israel and joined the IDF. You can also do such a thing, but I suggest that you start here, learn the facts, and then act in your current location. Israel is the most controversial topic in today’s world. Controversies come with many sides and with many sides come with many lies. Well, I’m here to help stop the lies and defend the only Jewish homeland in the world. So lets get started with …

Tzvi’s Guide to becoming an Israel Activist.

Start by getting all the information (facts and lies). This is the easiest part. You just have to observe and listen to both sides and then start looking up their arguments (You don’t even have to confront anyone). You can also read a few of the books and/or watch the videos I have listed below.

Once you have a basic knowledge of what’s going on, its time to start to making friends. Find a student group or just some other people that love Israel (you or they don’t even have to be Jewish). Its great to have a group of people to discuss the topics and even argue. They will also have events going on your campus or nearby (Most likely it will be free if your a student).

Now you are getting a bit more comfortable. Its time to branch out and attend anti-Israel events, lectures, panels, and protests. You’ve got to know what your dealing with… Its fine just to sit in the back and take notes. If your new to this then I don’t recommend going with an Israeli flag as a cape and sitting in the front row.

I think now your ready to become an activist. Let’s start small though. Join or setup a table/booth in a student union building or on a busy sidewalk. *Do it with friends and material to hand out.  Materials can be found at the websites listed below (tape some to candy). StandWithUs has a ton! People will approach you and be super nice and inviting. Some will thank you, some will just take something and leave, some will start a conversation (BEST), and some will start an argument. Conversations are your main goal. They can go many different ways and you are there just to give the facts and resources. ***If you start to get defensive, so will they. Its not good to make a scene.  If they are anti-Israel they are not worth your time at this table. I would say, “I respect your views even though I do not/may not agree with them. If you would like to have an open conversation I would love to hear what you have to say, but I do not want to fight or argue with you.” (Or something like that…or you can just ask them to leave, very nicely.)

Another basic thing to do is just start posting links, ideas, conformations…ect on Facebook and Twitter.

Congrats! You now are an activist. Thank you! The’re are now many paths and options of continue your support for Israel. The links I have provided can help you along your way. The best way though is to work with a group and your friends. If this is a little intense for you then you can just give money to help others.

**I will continue to update this guide and make it more informative. I will also try to provide you with other paths and ideas too! Want to help? Feel free to post a comment or send me an email

Website Links (A ton of resources):

The GO-TO Website! Become an activist yourself, but please know the facts.

Student? Then become Hasbara Fellow, check it out.

Love Politics and Want to make a Difference in the US?

YouTube Videos:

Danny Ayalon’s “The Truth About…The Peace Process, The West Bank, The Refugees

What is the West Bank?

Simple explication of why Israel needs “Defensible Borders

Steven Colbert and Ambassador Michael Oren discuss the Flotilla.

Why are you protesting against Israel? Do you know the facts?

Is Israel an Apartheid State? Let’s check it out

Who to Follow on Twitter:

My TwitterQassam Count,  IDF Spokesperson, AIPAC, StandWithUS, Avital Leibovich, PM Bibi Netanyahu, Israel, Jerusalem Post, Israel in LA, Jewish Agency, …and many more. You can also search words, such as #Israel, #Gaza, #IDF, #IsraelLoves,


The Case for Israel, The Case for Peace, Start-up Nation, Israel’s Wars, The Case Against Israel’s Enemies, Myths and Facts, 1948, The Anatomy of Israel’s Survival, Son of Hamas, The Prime Ministers, Like Dreamers 


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