Spring Semester: New research projects and a Job

A lot has happened in the last few months and I’m about to finish my second semester of Grad School. I’m starting to get overwhelmed with school work, aka Research Papers. I haven’t finished all my papers from the first semester and now I’m being assigned more. My biggest problem: no hard deadlines = procrastination. Well, not like I’m doing nothing. I’ve been reading a lot and working on research (I have an overflowing suitcase of books), it just feels like I’m not getting anywhere because I have not written much. This summer is going to be full of reading and writing, not so much beach. So what am I researching now? Read at the end of the post.

Most exciting thing that has happened since my last post is that I have a new Job. After a resume submission, phone interview, group interview, and private interview I have been accepted to be a madrich (counselor) for Onward Israel and Israel Experience. I will be working with a group of 40 college students from the Boston area. These students will be doing internships all over Haifa in many different organizations/companies. The job description states that I will be their main contact person in Israel to help, guide, mentor, teach, and counsel them in their two months in Israel. Most of the time I am “on-call,” but I also get to hang out with them after work, run programs, and guide them on trips. What an exciting summer I get to have! I am looking forward to the students arriving, for now I’m doing a few days of intensive training. You can follow my twitter and instagram all summer to see what we will be up to…@israelbuff

Photo on 5-27-15 at 8.02 PM

Let us hope this goes really well and I get a full-time job out of it. I’d love to work with Israel Experience, Masa, or the Jewish Agency full-time.

New Research Papers:

Course: Israel Stories
Topic: In depth analysis of Motti Lerner’s play The Pangs of Messiah
*Talked directly to Motti today to get a PDF of the english translation. He happened to be sitting with my previous employer from Theater J, Ari Roth when I spoke with him.

Course: Modern Israeli Society
Topic: Afro-American culture and Ethiopians in Israel
Question: How does Afro-American culture (music, dress, politics) influence Ethiopians in Israel?

Course: Culture’s influence on the environment (19th Century – Erez Israel)
Topic: Templars in Sarona
Question: How did the Templars in Sarona change the environment around them and their influence on foundation of Tel Aviv.

Course: Israeli Youth Culture
Topic: (Not sure yet)
I’m thinking about writing about the development of the Israel madrich and their influence on generation Y.

Also check out a short video I made about the 1948 War Field Course.


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