Winter Semester: My final research projects

My first semester of Grad School is coming to an end… 2.5 weeks to go! This means buckling down and writing my final research papers for the semester. I am currently taking four courses all of which end with a research paper that accounts for more than half my grade. Crazy, right? Good thing about this program though is I got to choose each topic for my courses. Overall in the program, I will have to write six referat (short,10-15 pages) papers and three seminar papers (25-30 pages). These all are full research papers consisting of primary and secondary sources. Therefore this semester I choose to write three referat papers and one seminar paper. Best and worse part, deadline are not always deadlines… We are supposed to write these papers in our month long break of February.

Below you will see a very short intro to my papers. All of which are very exciting endeavors for me and I’m learning so so so much by doing this research. Its a bit overwhelming, but I’m sure they will turn out great. I hope that some might even be publishable. 🙂 P.S. I would love your feedback, if you want to contribute.

Research Papers:

Course: 1948 War – Field Course
Topic: Defining Israel’s Borders
Question: TBD
*This course just started and will consist of three full days in the field. I’ll have lots of picture for you all!

Course: The Holocaust and the Israeli Society
Topic: Motivation, Patriotism, and Morality in the Israeli Defense Force
Question: How does the IDF Education Corps use the Holocaust as a tool to promote motivation, patriotism, and morality in it’s soldiers?

Course: Zionism, Ideology, and Gender
Topic: Chabad Ideology and Zionism
Question: Can the Hadisdic Jewish Movement, Chabad, be considered Zionist even though the movement did not support Zionism (Political and Religious) before the creation of the modern State of Israel?
– I will show how Chabad over time has come to accept and embrace Israel today and in today’s terms can be considered Zionist.

Course: The Social History of the Palestinians, 1900-1948
Topic: A comparison of the formation of a “New Palestinian Women” and a “New Hebrew Women”
Questions: How was a “New Palestinian Women” and a “New Hebrew Women” formed during the first half of the 20th Century in Eretz Yisrael/Palestine? What are the similarities and differences between the two?
-I will be analysing these formations in the context of Motherhood, Rights/Suffrage, and representation in Public sphere.

Side Note: I’m now doing some freelance work on the Israel Studies Website. I will be improving and updating it in the coming weeks, so check it out.


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