What I’ve been up to

I’ve now been in Washington DC for three months, so what have I been doing?

Lots! I’m working three jobs, living with ten people, and in a program with 23 people. Its a bit much, but you know me…always busy. I’m kinda getting tired of people asking me how I like DC, but I’ll tell you. DC is a very nice city, lots to do and so much to see. I haven’t done any touristy things yet, but I’m sure when one of you comes and visit we will do that. I don’t want to get burned out and not tour around with friends. I’m meeting a ton of new people and having a great time. My jobs are all perfect for me.

My AVODAH job is most of what I have been doing. Its really rewarding work and I’m learning so much. The part I enjoy the most is that I help so many people each week. The largest part of my job is matching volunteer groups with places/people that need help. Just a few of my projects have been; Installing quality windows in a homeless shelter for women, fixing a furnace for a senior that hasn’t had central heating in his house for two years, painting a medical clinic for low-income families, and making food for the homeless. I have two very big days of service coming up. They are starting to take up most of my time. Next Monday and Tuesday night we are hosting EBTT (Everything but the Turkey) at the DCJCC. We will have 500+ volunteers making thousands of meals for homeless shelters for Thanksgiving. On December 25th is a service project we call D25, where we will coordinate 1,000 volunteers to help 50+ social service organizations in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Its a lot of work, but I’m very excited to be a part of this work.

I’m also working a lot in the theatre. I have been house managing and running the box office a few times a week. Its a side of the theatre that I hadn’t had much experience, so I’m becoming more rounded in the in and out of theatre. Plus I get to see really cutting edge theatre. If you ever are in DC, come to TheaterJ at the DCJCC. My other job in the theater is sound/light technician. Its pretty simple and I don’t do much, but I get to see lots of cool events. Last week there was a Jewish Turkish band. Super cool.

My home life is crazy. Lots of together time, meetings, and dinners. I am a very independent person, so its been a challenge. Our house is almost a full blown co-op. Everything has to be consense and talked about. We share all our food and each person has a house duty. Plus we have dinners four days a week. Nice to come home to food after a long day at work. We take turns and sign up for meals and dishes. I just did almost all my duty last week. I can say that I’m getting good at cooking awesome food. Shakshuka and Baba-ganoush were big hits.

I’m looking at my future now and starting to plan my next move. I have many options and I’m really being pulled in different directions. My major focus now is getting my application for a Masters in Israel Studies at the University of Haifa. It is a perfect fit for me and I know will help me get back to starting a life in Israel. I miss Israel and my friends there so much. I think about it every day, so if this program accepts me, fingers crossed, I’ll be back in Israel in September 2014! If that doesn’t work out, I could apply to other MA programs (Israel and US), move back to Colorado, or stay in DC. Who knows?

Sweet, nice chatting with you all. Enjoy this picture of me eating the AVODAH sign. Peace and Love

Oh! How do you like the new look of my blog?



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