Life’s New Chapter: I got a Job!

Wow, now its really been a long time since my last post. I have been asked a lot about my blog and if I’ll keep it going, well I guess so. I really didn’t have too many things to talk about the past year. I have almost finished my Undergraduate eduction though. I graduate from the University of Colorado, Boulder next week.

I’ll be the first Jewish Studies only graduate from CU.  Everyone else has had two majors. At least I have a minor in Theatre. I successful completed my Jewish studies capstone project last weekend with my own production of A Dybbuk, adapted by Tony Kushner. I had an amazing time directing, designing, and stage managing this full length drama with a 16 member cast. It was very successful, minus that I went  $200 over budget and the fog didn’t work. I just have a few online classes now to finish up over the summer and then I’ve got a degree!

Let’s get to the main reason though I decided to write a blog post, I got a Job!

Well, I got three jobs.

1. I was hired as the Assistant production manager of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival for the summer. This is a dream job for Theatre people and I got it right out of college. I’ll be working on all this seasons shows and helping to manage most of the festival’s operations. I hope to see anyone in the area at the shows, Check them out here. This is just for the summer and I’m doing it for credits mostly.

2. I will be leading another Mayanot Taglit-Birthright Israel trip at the end of May. This will be my fourth Birthright trip from the states, this is addition to my 15 that I supervised while in Israel. I will now of interacted with 760 participants, 152 Israeli Soldiers/Students, 76 Israeli staff members, and 17 Chabad Leaders. Thats over 1,000 people, a lot of which read this blog. I am very sad to report though that I won’t be able to extend my trip due to my first summer job. 😦 I’ll be back soon though.

3. The biggest news to report is that I have been accepted in to the program  Avodah: The Jewish Service Corps. I will be living in a house with other young adults all with different social justice jobs around Washington DC. My placement is with the DC Jewish Community Center as their Behrend Builders and Community Service Associate. I am very excited for my big move to DC and the JCC. This program is a great jump start into my future as a social justice advocate in the Jewish community. I’ll miss Israel, a lot, but I plan to move back there after this year of service to go to Grad School.


Well thats it for now. I’ve got so many papers to finish to graduate. Peace and Shalom

Jewish Buff Graduates



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