Closing times

Hey all,

So a very sad moment is approaching quickly. In just six days, I will be leaving Israel for an extended period of time. Yes, its true.

What are my plans exactly, you may ask?

Well on Saturday night I’m going to be flying to Chicago with a bunch of Israeli kids. We are traveling to Camp Chi in Wisconsin for three weeks. It is kinda like what I did last summer with Camp Kimama in New York. This camp however is fully American and we are just a few Israelis that will join them for their second session. I’m super excited to go to a new camp!

I then will fly back to Israel with the campers and the next day flying to Washington DC! Yes, I am crazy. I will be attending a training session for an Internship I have been chosen for this coming school year. I will be a  MZ-Grinspoon Intern with the Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC). I hope to use this position to help change the University of Colorado’s campus Israel environment to something more positive and productive.

I then will fly to Colorado and move into my new apartment, with some awesome friends. My classes then start August 27th. I’m off to finish a degree in Theatre and Jewish Studies, with a minor in Hebrew. Its going to take me about a year and half with summer classes. I’m going to be working very hard to finish my degree and get back to Israel. Most likely I’ll be back to visit Israel during this period and I do plan on returning as soon as I finish.

That’s it for now! I’ll let you know how it all goes as it comes.

Peace and Love!

“If I forget Jerusalem, I will forget my right hand”


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