The Civilian World (Trip, Release, Work)

I’m sure that most of you heard, but I have been Honorably Discharged from the IDF. Two years and that’s it. I just flew back to Israel last week and got out a few days after. My vacation in America was great, I’ll talk about it in a minute… So, what am I going to do now with my life in the civilian world? Work! I’ll also get to this at the end.

America Trip:

I kinda gave a brief preview of the trip in my last post, so I’ll keep it short. Besides all the flights, I had the best time ever. No really. I hadn’t experienced America for three years and I hadn’t been home in four years. Crazy right? Well not too much has changed, but I did really notice a lot of differences. Example; Everything is so much bigger in America…cars, roads, open space, stores, houses, toilets, couches, cups, you name it, its bigger in the US. Plus everyone is really nice in the US (Well I think its probably fake or making up for their self-esteem)  who talks to random people on the street, stores, coffee shops… etc? Weird. Oh and what is it with Americans and lines….blah!

Enough ranting…yes? Sorry.

I did really enjoy seeing a ton of old friends and family. I even drove 2,400 miles (3860km) in five days to see friends and family. It was very long, but relaxing drive…besides the tornadoes in Oklahoma. I also met a great group of people to be friends with next year in Boulder. Speaking of which, I’m all set to go for my return to the University of Colorado (CU). I’ve got an apartment downtown, a class schedule, financial aid, and friends…now I just need a job. I also figured out to add the brand new Jewish Studies major to my degree, with a minor in Hebrew. This means that I’ll have another year, summer, and fall semester left. I hope to graduate Dec 2013.

My Release Day (יום שחרור):

This was a very exciting day. I have never felt so accomplished in my life. I took the bus to base one last time with all my Army stuff. You have to give almost everything on your last day. Boots, uniforms, bag, etc… I also brought presents for my closest friends (mostly pajama pants from Walmart). It was really great seeing all these guys and gals that I have spent almost every day with for the past year and half. Most people also have a release snack (פריסת שחרור). This is when the people getting out bring food/snacks for their unit friends/commanders. Everyone then gets to say something about the person being released and then give a speech about their time in the unit. I was the only one that got out that day so I did mine alone. I brought pop-tarts from Walmart and pop/juice. My past and current commanders and a few friends said the nicest/rewarding things about me that I have ever heard. It was most powerful moment of my life. I can’t really explain, but I was touched. I just love my Unit and all the amazing Israelis that I have made lifelong friendships with.

I left base and went home to get ready for my release party (מסיבת שחרור). I had it at Mike’s Place in Herzaliya. This was the best party. I had so many friends from all different parts of my life. A ton of people showed up and it was so much fun. (Pictures on fb).

Then on Saturday night, my company (פלוגה) had a evening honoring (ערב משתחררים) all the soldier that had discharged in the last few months. This was also a lot of fun. My present from them…A pair of boxers with a picture of me and a few friends. lol. I love them.


My New Job:

Three days after I get out of the Army, I started to work. I have got an amazing job with Mayanot, the second largest provider on Taglit-Birthright. If you don’t know about Birthright and Mayanot, check them out. I have linked their websites. I’m now a Rakaz Shetach (Field Coordinator) for the next few weeks (or more…). I get to have the honor of supervising the trip of a lifetime for Jews ages 18-16. Most of which is their first time in Israel. Its a dream job of mine and I get my first buses this week. I’m so excited to drive (yes, drive a rental car) around Israel and make sure these Jews have the best time of their life.

Well that’s it for now, sorry of the long post. Have a great week! Don’t forget that Wednesday night is Lag B”Omer! Its Bon-fire time. (I’m excited to shave my beard off…its so long).



One thought on “The Civilian World (Trip, Release, Work)

  1. I miss you so much already… so glad everything seems to be going smoothly!

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