I’m Coming Home

Since my last post its been quiet a long time…so lets review quickly the past three months.

I finished Course Native! 

I returned back to my unit…to find that most of my friends had left.

I got a plane ticket back home! For FREE!

Purim 2012 arrived and lasted a week and half. 

and now I have two weeks until my hafsash (End of Service Vacation) 

Course Nativ:

I was so happy to finish this course. I wasn’t at all what I expected. First off it wasn’t really at all a Zionism Class…Its the first step in Conversion for not fully recognized Jews serving in the IDF. It was a lot of Judaism and mostly the religion side…which I love. I really learned a lot, and like I mean a lot. It was great from that stand point. Overall I really disliked the course. Why? Well I’m not going to hofer, but I’d like to make a few comments. The course was completely backwards in its thinking. Its a full military course, similar to basic training. There is a ton of rules, distance from the so called “commanders,” and too much discipline. I recommend to anyone that doesn’t need to do the course not to until they figure out how to make it a course focused on learning and not a course that gives young girls power over highly trained soldiers that are more than half way though their service. I wrote a long letter to the teachers in the course of all my believes and options to make the course a more productive learning environment. It has the potential to be a great course. We’ll see if anything really happens.(If you want to know more, feel free to write me.)

Plane Ticket HOME!

So yes, Its true. I’m coming home after three years! I haven’t been to Colorado and seen most of my family in the last three years. Sounds crazy, right? Well the IDF has a great program for lone soldiers to fly home to visit their family for 30 days. This is all thanks to the donors of Friends of the IDF (FIDF Lone Soldier Program). After getting approval from my Mashacit Tash and Unit I was sent to the Soldier’s House in Tel Aviv. There they have an office for Soldier’s flights (האגודה למען החייל). There I spoke with a very friendly girl that helped book my flight. We worked together for two hours to find the perfect cheapest flight. I then had to go to the Travel Agent to finalize the flights and get my tickets and insurance. 

It is so great that this is possible. My hat/Kumta goes off to those of you that donate. Thank YOU!

This means that in two weeks I will finish my time in my active duty service. I fly home for 30 days…btw, I’ll be driving around Colorado a lot to visit everyone! I can’t wait to see my friends, family, and mentors. I then will return to Israel in May and a few days later discharge from active duty. Just a side note; I will be doing Reserve Duty. 

Well thanks for reading. By the way, did you see that this blog has been viewed over 12,000 times. Crazy.

Maybe its because of twitter? or my new page on How to be an Israeli Activist… 


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