Yes, Sergeant Darling!

Hey, so this is a bit late… but I got promoted a few weeks ago to the rank of Samal, סמל, or Sergeant. I was supposed to be promoted at the beginning of December, but my unit has been busy and you have to have a ceremony with at least the whole pluga (Company).

I had just left my unit to go to a course, which is my next post, on the same day my unit had a ceremony at the Kotel (Western Wall). The ceremony was to receive the new Unit Pin. It was a really special cold night at the Kotel in the Old City of Jerusalem. I brought along with me my favorite American family in Israel, the Skupsky family. Irene their daughter and I went to college together and she was also in town.  We all walked to the ceremony and I joined my unit just in time. They gave some speeches and they the new pin. After the Unit ceremony we had one just for my Pluga. My friends and I all got promoted one by one. The best part is when they called my name, they also invited Don, of the family, to put the rank on my uniform. *Pic below. It was really cool to have him there and it was at the kotel, so it was perfect.

So…please call me Sergeant Darling. lol.


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