Happy Thanksgiving!

Its Turkey Day! I hope everyone had enough to eat and got all their shopping done. 



I had a really fun Thanksgiving this year. It started off by waking up really early…5am…to get to Jerusalem on time for a meeting for Course Nativ (Kenis l’kurs nativ). Course Nativ is a seven week army course on Zionism, Judaism, and Israel culture. Its open to olim hadashim and non-jewish Israelis at the end of their service. The meeting was pretty quick…like 30minutes. My friend Becky and I got there at about 0830. They sent us to register, learn about the course and where its located, and finally an interview. There are a bunch of different locations, but where you go is decided by your position and location. I probably will end up in Givat Chaviva, near Hadera…not too far from my kibbutz. I really want though to go to the one in Jerusalem though…

The rest of the morning, Becky and I walked around Jerusalem and got something to eat. Then for the first time we got to ride the new Jerusalem Light Rail. It was pretty cool, but super packed. Its free now, so everyone just piles on. Just to let you know, its not going to be free starting 1 December 2011, next week. I also heard that its not going to be free for soldiers as well…. Well after that we headed back to Tel Aviv and home to get ready for Thanksgiving Dinner. 

Every year the Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center holds a free thanksgiving dinner for lone soldiers in Tel Aviv. There was a ton of people and I had a bunch of friends. It was really fun. We ate turkey, watched football, and celebrated. Check out the website above for pictures in the coming days. I forgot to take some…


My current plan for the rest of my service is to finish out my position in my current unit and start Course Nativ in January. Then two months of the course will lead me to a month vacation in Colorado and upon my return. I will have another month of vacation time in Israel (Hofash) until I release from the Army May 4th! So not much more to go…The countdown begins!



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