Return to HaAretz

I’m back!

A few weeks ago I returned from a long needed vacation from the Army. It was my first time being back in the USA for two years. I don’t want to get into my trip here, but lets just say. I had a great time. I made lots of new friends and got to see my family. I can’t wait for my next trip this winter.

So yea, back to the grind. I’ve come back to my unit and even though I was down about leaving America, it felt really nice to see everyone. I got a big welcome back. Here is a sign the Girls made for me.

Tzyek is my weird nickname...

Everything has been different in my unit since I’ve returned. New commanders, rules, schedule, and expectations. I really am not the biggest fan of change, esp when I think everything is going just fine, but then a little shakeup isn’t always bad, just hard. Another thing is that a lot of my friends have been finishing their army service and new people are coming in. I really miss them and now I am really starting to feel old. When a nice young soldier starts in the unit and they were born in 1994, I really feel old. I was born in 1987. Oh well, new friends are good.

Well I’ve also reached another milestone in my Aliyah journey! TWO YEARS IN ISRAEL!!!!! Wow, looking back to when I was living as an RA in College Inn, I never thought that I would make it this far… Great! That also means that I’ve been in the Army for 1 Year and 4 months. Eight more to GO!

Well that’s it for now. I’m going to do a better job of updating, but we have entered a crazy month…High Holidays, UN Palestinian Vote, Social Protests, and more Hot weather… so wish me luck and follow me on Twitter. I’ll be tweeting away everything I can. Link on the top left. 


3 thoughts on “Return to HaAretz

  1. hi baby.
    keep it up and be awesome! I know i feel like i’m even getting old at CU! How weird? Anyway, I hope we can skype soon and can’t wait for your tweeting:)
    Love you

  2. Hi Tzvi, I really enjoy reading your blog, I have been thinking about making aliya myself, how exactly did you go about doing so? especially finding a place to put your stuff, when you made aliya? thanks

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