Happy 4th of July Americans!

I am currently sitting guarding my base in the middle of a very hot day… How much fun. Well I thought t would write a bit with this free time.

Summer is in full swing now, which means it is freakin hot! It is a really great time though in Israel. Beaches, all night parties, swimming, ice cream, ect. The best part though is that I will be coming to the USA in a few weeks. I am so excited to have a month off from the army and Israel. It has been two years since I made aliyah. Can you believe it? Two years ago I was a camp counselor that didn’t speak Hebrew and had no clue of the adventures ahead of him. Crazy now to think about it. I have a great unit, great host family, great friends, great home, and 9 more months left in the IDF.

What will I do after? No clue yet…still seems kinda far away. For now I am staying put having a great time with my friends in Israel. Plus my job is getting better in the unit. I finally feel like I am giving back.

Well I better get back to guarding…I will update again before I leave for the states.


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