Hey all, so its been about a month since my last post. Sorry. The fact is that I haven’t had a lot going on…that I can talk about. I’m doing interesting things in the Army and staying busy. Its pretty nice to feel appreciated. I did just get a new mifiked last week. It was nice not having a direct meifiked for a few weeks though, so its hard to adjust to a new one, that has come from outside the unit.

I’ve gotten my approval to transfer units now. I still don’t know if I have gotten into the commander’s course yet though. I’m hoping to know this week…! I’m kinda nervous. I think I’ll have to take another Army Hebrew test. I need to get 8/9 points. Last time I got a 6, but that was just after the ulpan and a very bad day and six months ago. Cross your fingers.

The weather has been something else here. One day very hot and the next crazy rain. The rain is quite needed here, so its really nice…it just sucks when I in the field, and it gets very muddy. However the rain is starting to stop soon. Its so so beautiful right now in Israel. Definitely my favorite time of year. The holiday of Purim is this weekend too, a big plus to this time of year as well. I’ve already been to some big parties and have a few more to go. I think this is the biggest party weekend in Israel. Its Crazy!

My phone died last week so I got to upgrade…and I choose a blackberry. Its super nice to be able to stay in touch with old friends. If you have bbm, send me a message on facebook so we can chat for free anywhere in the world. Or if you have Whatsapp on another type of smartphone also let me know.

I’m super excited for next week. On Thursday my Mom, Emah, is coming to Israel for the first time. Its really crazy to think of having her here. Its going to be a great two weeks, I got the time off from the Army too! We will be staying on my kibbutz and in Jerusalem. We have tours, hikes, visits, parties, and a family wedding.

Well thats it for now. I’ll keep you updated on my Army transfer soon.



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