Doc (Chanan Amit) נוח על משכבך בשלום

I have not had the best of weeks this week. A very good friend of mine here in Israel passed away on Monday. Doc, as we called him, was killed after he crashed his motorcycle early on Monday morning in Jafo, Israel. The accident happened after he was stopped by a police officer. Doc gave the officer his information and while waiting for the officer to return, he must of become very scared, so he tried to make a run for it. We can’t know what was going though his head. The officer started after him (even though the officer had all his info and Doc didn’t have any record) and it couldn’t of helped to scare Doc even more. While driving very fast, he crashed his motorcycle.  I hope this accident will find its way around and the serve as an example to have a chase policy reconsidered here in Israel. A similar accident happened to another young man early this week. There are many factors here, but just maybe if he wasn’t chased, my friend could be here today to enjoy another Shabbat. Please join his facebook memorial page. CLICK HERE

This post is dedicated to his memory.

I met Doc for the first time when he arrived at Ramat Yochanan’s Ulpan in August 2009. We had both just moved to Israel recently and did not know anyone at the Ulpan. In the beginning, Doc was pretty quiet and to himself, but that didn’t last very long. I think my first conversation with him was about the US Army. I saw him show up with an Army duffle bag so I asked him about it. I went to a US military school for four years and have lots of friends that joined. He told me that he had served in the Army and did tours in Iraq. I immediately had a lot of respect for him. I know with lots of friends and even a step brother in Iraq, that its not easy. I had so many questions for him about his service. I slowly learned things about his service and he would help ease my concerns about joining the IDF.

I learned that Doc was a great person to go to for advice and to get away from the crazy drama of the Ulpan. He was on a different level of all of us, but he knew just how to listen and give advice. He made some really good friends in the Ulpan and helped many of us adjust to Israel. Doc wasn’t only just a good guy to go to for advice, he was also really fun to be around. When ever the night was really boring, Doc would bring it to life. He definitely know how to let loose and enjoy the night. Going though his pictures one facebook really reminded me of this. Just look at them.

The last really good time I had with Doc was at Herbie’s Birthday party. Doc picked me up with his car from the Kibbutz to meet up with everyone in Tel Aviv. We really rocked up with his corny music all the way. He took us down to the beach and we had a really great BBQ. Doc had bought the best meat and a lot of it. He really went all out for his best friends Birthday. I was even kind of jealous of the sweet multi-tool he gave Herbie as a gift. I had such a good time and laughed so so much with everyone and I will never forget that smile Doc gave me and said “oh Tzvi…I think you’ve had a bit much.” and I probably responded “I’m not Drunk, I’m just really happy.”

Doc. I really going to miss you brother. You where a great friend and you touched so many lives. Please watch over us. I know you already know, but you have an amazing family and many friends that wish that you may rest in peace.

נוח על משכבך בשלום חנן. אנחנו אוהבים אותך!

Chanan Doc Amit (1987-2011)


5 thoughts on “Doc (Chanan Amit) נוח על משכבך בשלום

  1. TJD, so sorry that you lost such a wonderful friend. The world will miss him, he had given a lot…i feel deeply for his family

  2. Thanks you Tzvi for your worm words, you are reviving Chanan memories for us. Chanan attention for the small details is one of the things that made him special. Thanks, again, Ron Amit Chanan’s father.

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