Fun, Hebrew, and Choices

Shalom Friends and Family and all the other random (cool) people that read my blog. aka, Blog Buddies.

I hope everyone is doing well and still keeping up with their new years resolutions… (Sorry, that was random…I don’t even have a new years resolution)

I just arrived home from a nice/full two weeks in the army. Last week my Pluga had to close shabbat and spend our time together in Jerusalem. We were at a place called Darchei Avot, A Soldier’s Study Center. They have over soldier from all over the army come to shabbat every week. Most of the time we just had lectures…some very interesting and some just bazar. The good speakers were ones that told us war stories from when they were in the Army. The other speakers though really just told us not to be flys… (you know fly around and do nothing…) The best part though was Kabbat Shabbat at the Kotel. You all that have been at the Kotel on Friday night have seen large groups of soldier dancing and singing, right? Well I was one of those soldiers this past weekend. It was really fun. We had a ton of people join us. *It reminded me of when I was at the Kotel or the first time in 2007 on Birthright. We joined the soldiers dancing and I thought I was so cool to be dancing with Israeli soldiers…never did I ever think that I would be one of those soldiers.

A few days before shabbat we had a chill get-to-together for three people from my pluga that were just released from the Army. It was in Rehovot. We had really good food, but it was so cold outside where we ate… Check out the pics on Facebook.

A New Direction

I have decided after much thought that I want to be a commander for basic training. I still am not 100% sure that I’ll get the job, but everything is moving that direction. I have just filled out the Tofas 55, exit papers for my unit. My Pluga Commander wrote a very very nice letter of recommendation that is really going to help me. He also got me private Hebrew lessons so that I will meet the qualifications to be a commander. This is awesome. I have always wanted/needed private lessons. Finally I have a few a week until I need to retake the Hebrew test of the Bakum. It has already helped me a lot, plus I asked for a bunch of homework to take up my free time. I’m really going to try and make this worthwhile. I mean how has ever heard of this? Irene S. you will be happy to know that my teacher’s name is Irene…lol.

Well I still don’t know when I have my interview/testing for this position, but let’s keep our finger’s crossed. Oh, and btw…I just received a new Nephew from my sister Selina, Welcome to the world Greyson.


“Respect is earned, give and you shall receive.” -Me


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