Soldier, Commander, Warrior, or Officer

Shabbat Shalom All!

I’m writing from a nice warm room with a crazy thunderstorm brewing outside. RAIN RAIN RAIN. We need it so bad here in Israel.

So big changes are coming… as the title doesn’t really imply. I have been kinda getting bored with my current position. Its not that its bad, its just not the most exciting job…which is a good thing, because if its not we are at war. Therefore I have been talking to my commanders about other options.

I have been given four different choices to continue my army service.

1. Stay where I’m at and find some more things to do

2. Go to the Officers course (My only option after is logistics or man power officer)

3. Go back to basic training to be a Warrior, combat soldier.

4. Go to an interview to be a Commander for basic training at Mickveh Alon.

Wow, right?

Well after a lot of thought I have place an order to my preferences. 1. Commander (Mifiked) 2. Become a Warrior 3. Become an Officer 4. Stay in my unit

What you think?

I’m really excited to become a commander at Mickveh. It is where I did my basic training and its all for other guys like me. It would be very meaningful to me and a good experience.

Well. I’m closing Shabbat next week. My platoon is staying in Jerusalem for the weekend, so it should be a lot of fun. HAve a great Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Soldier, Commander, Warrior, or Officer

  1. Dude that’s awesome! I can’t believe you’re getting such a great opportunity. I really hope you get the job as a mefaked in Michve. You would do great. Good luck, and keep us updated!

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