The End of 2010

Its been a long time since my last update, but to tell you the truth, not a lot has happened. I’m on the end of my two weeks of medical leave (Gimmelim) from a minor surgery to remove a cyst on my tailbone… Its been really nice to relax and have time to myself. I have been pretty sick though the last few weeks. I think it was from the changing weather…its finally cold. Like 50 Degrees… it really is cold.

My time off came in perfect time for me to meet up with friends visiting Israel from home and of course, tomorrow is New Years Eve. Last weekend I traveled up to Jerusalem. I had a wonderful Shabbat dinner with Irene and Family, then met up with David Alper, a good friend from college, then I had shabbat Lunch with a rabbi that I came to Israel with 3 years ago. After shabbat I ran into so so so many american friends that I had no clue where in Israel. So much fun, such a small world. *I’ll post pics from the night on Facebook.

Sunday I go back to the Army. I’ve kinda missed being on base and around all my friends…its really boring at home. My commander and some army friends did come visit me at home the other day though, very nice of them. I hope next week I will be able to start taking driving lessons and the test…its not that bad because I have a US license. I’ll also be in Jerusalem next week. The Jewish National Fund’s Alternative Winter Break has invited me to talk to 40 American college students about living in Israel and being in the IDF. It should be a fun night too.

Well, I wish everyone a very Happy and Safe New Year! Party Hardy Hevra!

See you in 2011 🙂


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