Thanksgiving, Shabbat, and Chanukah.

Happy Holidays to everyone. If you didn’t know tonight is the fifth night of Chanukah! btw, its a very different holiday in Israel… mostly because its not really trying to be like Christmas. No big meals, presents, Chanukah bushes, shopping…ect. Just candles and Sufganout (Jelly Donuts).

*First I would like to draw your attention to a national disaster we have just experienced in Israel. Read up on it if you haven’t, its really awful. Carmel Forest Fire. My prayers go out to the 41 families of victims and those that have lost their homes.

I’m sorry its been quiet awhile from my last post. I’ve been really busy running around entertaining myself and friends. It has been a fun past couple of weeks. So to let you know what’s been going on, lets begin.

Shabbat Yachdah (Shabbat/weekend on base with the whole unit)

I just had to close shabbat on base a few weeks ago. This means that I had to be on base for two weeks straight. It was only my third time doing it in my seven months of service…*Very rare, I might add* Most of my friends in Combat basic training close two shabbats and spend three weeks on base at a time. Fun! Well this turned out to be a really fun weekend. We have a bunch of new guys in the Pluga and we had a lot of time to get to know them. I really felt like it was orientation in summer camp. We stayed up late singing songs, playing music, and telling stories. They are a really good group of guys. We also made a really chillax sitting area on the base. *I got hurt doing it though, I hit my head really hard and passed out…I’m alright though…had to see a doctor. We also had a really big shabbat dinner, in which we ended it by singing chants about our pluga. All and all a relaxing fun weekend.

This then let up to a week of war training. I can’t go into it, but it was fun, cold, long…ect. It was nice though at the end we had a big BBQ. I really felt like a soldier the whole week and I know that our enemy’s should think twice about touching us.


What to do in Israel on Thanksgiving? You wouldn’t think that there would be much going on, but I got overloaded with invitations to dinners. A lot of people really want to feel at home and have big events. I opted though for go to a dinner for American Lone Soldiers with the Long Soldier Center from Jerusalem. They had a very nice place rented out in Tel Aviv, downtown, on a rooftop. The food was nothing special or very American tasting, but they had turkey and pumpkin pie. I brought my friend from CU, Josh Hooper along and I also ran into a lot of guys from my basic training. It was a lot of fun. Here is a pic from Josh. I also got interviewed by the department of defense, so when the article comes out I’ll post it. Also here is a link to another article about the dinner I attended. Read


Culture Day

Every month or so we have a Culture Day. Last week we went to a really cool art museum. Its called Museum On The Seam.

“Museum on the Seam is a unique museum in Israel, displaying contemporary art that deals with different aspects of the socio-political reality.”

It was very intriguing and powerful place. I highly suggest you check it out. The link is above. *I had a very “Tzvi Moment” for the whole pluga to enjoy. Everyone knows that I don’t understand everything in Hebrew, especially outside of my range of subject knowledge. Well we were having a question and answer session at the end and I asked for a explantation of a picture of the KKK. The speaker goes on for about five minutes about this photo and I understand about 40% of what he is saying, but I kept shaking my head like I understood. I kept hearing everyone of the verge of laughing. Which then made me almost laugh…everyone almost died, but they kept it together until we left the building. P.S. I have a lot of experiences like these. My Hebrew is the funniest thing ever to be introduced in my pluga. Its fun though, I have learned to laugh along…and it really points out the areas I need to work on. Speaking of working on Hebrew; I found a really great resource, check it out.

Health Update

I’m feeling pretty well, but my body is really taking a beating. I am still trying to finalize what is wrong with my stomach, I have another test in February. I’m working out a lot now and stretching to improve my overall heath. Plus in two weeks I’m having a minor outpatient surgery to remove a cyst on my tail bone. The good thing is that I will have two weeks of medical vacation (Gimmelim).


Well thats it for now. I have to get to bed… tomorrow we have a Sport Day in Tel Aviv!

Hag Samach! Happy Chanukah!


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