IDF Chief of Staff and Tuna

Welcome to another post!

I’m still on the upturn of my time in the Army. I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying it. I had to go though a lot of shit, but finally its paying off. Last week I had the great honor of meeting the IDF Chief of Staff, Gabi Ashkenazi.

He was visiting my unit due to its special nature and he is on a tour of bases to close his military service. He has about four months until he is replaced by Yoav Galant (A friend of my 3rd Cuz). We prepped for his visit days in advance and cleaned like you would never believe. When he arrived it was in a helicopter filled with his generals and mossad agents. He inspected our buildings and then he held a meeting with those that wanted to attend. I went to the meeting. He was very interested in talking to the soldiers and learning about our unit. He asked about positions, job tasks, what to do in war, and his last question…”Is there any Lone Soldiers here?” Well I’m the only one, so I raised my hand. He called on me and ask a bunch of questions about my, my family, and being in Israel. When I said that I haven’t been home in almost two years, he made sure to talk to the soldier in charge of rights about when I will be able to fly home. (Haven’t heard anything yet, but I’m hoping in March). He was quiet relaxed and joyful. He had a few good chuckles at my expense. Specially that I came from a Cowboy family. He thanked me for serving and then he continued with a speech about the IDF. The speech was mostly about being prepared for War. He said that we have many enemies that are very unstable, so we have to be ready for anything at anytime. Afterwards we went outside and planted an olive tree with a dedication. Then back to the helicopter.

The rest of the week we did some training in the North. A very good time…it was kinda like a camping trip in the most beautiful places in Israel. We just ate way too much tuna. Tuna is the majority of our combat meals (Manot Krav). The other part of combat meals is olives. I hate olives… my friends have decided that I need to eat olives, all Israelis eat olives, so I must too. Well after being feed 30 green olives, I might be building up a tolerance. When giving very limited meals, we come up with many ways to improve them. The best way to spruce up the meal is to set the tuna on fire with a piece of toilet paper in the tuna oil. Check out the pic.


I wish everyone a great week! I get to start out the week with a Yom Aleph Tarbut (Culture Day). We will get to visit a museum or something in Tel Aviv.


3 thoughts on “IDF Chief of Staff and Tuna

  1. Really? Fire to the tuna with toilet paper? Yuck! Glad the Army experience is getting better tho!

  2. The plain tuna is alright, but very bland. When you light it on fire it tastes a lot better and its like a warm meal. You blow out the fire after 10-15min and you removed the toilet paper.

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