Things are looking up

Hey Hey Everyone!

I want to welcome a bunch of new readers from the Boulder Jewish News! They have recently linked my blog to their site. Click Here to check it out. Thanks for reading. I invite anyone to contact me or make comments if you would like.

What have I been up to the past week?

I just spent my first full week on my new base with my new unit. I have to report that I am loving it so far. It has gone beyond my expectations. I kinda have a position in my Platoon but they are still trying to figure out what I will be doing. I really wish I could tell you more and what I’m doing, but I can’t…(Classified).

The best part of this new place is the people. I really feel right at place within just a week. This is not normal Tzvi behavior, but it is normal Jeremy behavior. I think it has to do with having more confidence in my Hebrew and just liking the people. Everyone is very friendly and they approach me all the time. They are very curious as to why I’m in Israel, the Army, the Unit…Why I moved here, where I’m from, how old I am, what I did in America, what Military School was like…bla bla bla… My room is a million times better than the one I had in the Air Force. Its a bit small for five people, but we have air conditioning, television, couch, and lockers. The guys are great. They love my accent and even have a few nicknames for me. Mostly variations of Tzvi or Darling… we”ll see if any of them stick.

A cool thing on the base for the next few weeks is that we have a small group of older women volunteering. There is a few American ladies and we get to chat at meals. There are even two from the Denver area. Its really neat for them and me to see Americans helping out the IDF and Israel.

Health Update:

It was brought to my attention that I haven’t updated everyone on my Health. I have mostly good news, btw.

First is that I think we know what my stomach problems are, but not what is caused by… I have IBS with extra production of stomach acid. I did a Celiac test and it was 100% negative. Good right? I have been eating normal, just trying to avoid acidic/oily food and drinks. I have completely stopped drink soda! I have to take a pill though to help with the Acid.

A bad note: The other day my tail bone started to be kinda sensitive. I didn’t think too much about it. I thought I might have hit it on something and it was just sore. Well the past few days it started to get worse. I got to the point yesterday where I was having trouble walking, sitting, and bending. The pain was getting worse by the hour, so I knew something was up. I got home after some very painful bus rides and decided to go to the Doctor. Now, I’m in the Army so I can’t go to any doctor. I looked up online for the ביכור רופא (Army Doctor, Off base). I found one very close in south Netanya and jumped on a bus. The doctor told me that I have a Cyst on my tailbone and he gave me some cream. Well, I don’t want to go into any more details, as its not very pleasant. I am feeling better now though and I got an extra day off from the Army. I should be fine in a few days…

Housing Update:

Now things are looking quite “up” on this note. Many of you know that I was told a few months ago that my building is being torn down to make room for a kindergarden. Well I as told that I could continue to live on the kibbutz in another building for lone soldiers once my building was gone. Well that would have been fine…until the news I received yesterday. My kibbutz manager told me that they are going to be tearing down all three lone soldier buildings and will not have another place for us to live… When? Three Weeks! Yay, right? More like, Shit what am I going to do. Well I not going to be homeless. My adopted family on the Kibbutz will take me in until I can find a more permanent place. So now I am starting to look for a new place to live. The Army is supposed to help me out, so I going to try to figure that out this next week. My options are to find another Kibbutz, find an Apartment, or find Roommates… The Search begins.

****If you know of anyone looking for a apartment, please contact me ASAP****


Well thats it to report now. I’m doing great and I hope you are too!

Shabbat Shalom


3 thoughts on “Things are looking up

  1. Good Luck finding a place to live! That’s cool that there are some women volunteering from Denver! Nice 🙂

    You know, ginger really helps with stomach upset. You can get ginger candies or whatever, they really help.

    That sucks about the cyst, feel better!


  2. With G-d’s help, things are always looking up. Every bad situation is a good one, because it makes us stronger.

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