My New Base

Hey All!

So we are still in the midst of the Holidays in Israel and all is well. Its kinda funny because I’ve been on a break from the Army almost a week and I’ve been in my uniform almost every day…. lets just say FREE Transportation. Yes, even when I’m not on official military business I can get from place to place free, if I’m in my uniform. I would feel cool and all traveling in my uniform, but I’m still in my very plain Air Force uniform without any tags/pins… I hope next week I will get my Green Uniform, Turquoise Kumta (Beret), and Unit Tag.

Moving on… My first few and only days on base last week were alright. I think better than my last base I slept. Everything is or looks pretty new. The rooms are eight people, a bit small, but they have Mazgan (Air Conditioning). I didn’t have a room assigned yet, so I slept in someone’s bed that wasn’t there. I had only brought a sheet because that is all I have ever needed in the super hot rooms I was in before. I was not prepared to sleep with Mazgan, lets just say I froze… first time this summer. Nice. The people are so much better here too. They are not a bunch of “Arzim” still though we are soldiers at the bottom of positions, so not everyone is happy with their service. I’m telling you though it so much better though than the last place. They know it sucks, but they deal with it and try to have fun. The רס”ר, who is like the main sergeant that is in charge of discipline/man power is a really good guy. He is big, mean, and stern, but he is also very human…something that most רס”רים don’t appear to be… He sat me down and told me that if I keep all my s*%# together and don’t make any problems, he will look out for me…mostly because I’m like the ONLY Chayal Boded (Lone Soldier) in the Unit.

The food is alright, better than my last base…the Dining Room though isn’t anything exciting…its a temporary one in a cleaned out Storage Hanger.

Well thats about it…after two days in the Unit they gave me a week and half off for Sukkot סוכות. I do have a יום כיף Yom Kef (Fun Day) or so I think on Tuesday with my Unit, so that should be a good time to get to know everyone and settle into the Unit. Well, thats it for now. I am working on a few other blog posts currently, so I’ll put them up soon. (My 400th day in Israel and a Wrap-up of the Holidays.)

Here is my new Kumta

גח שמח!


One thought on “My New Base

  1. Love that color! I’m glad things are looking up! I’m having the most exhausting day. Still have a test, article due and a paper due tonight! AHH!!!! Can’t wait to talk to you soon!

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