“My Job is so secret that I don’t know what even know what it is”

Good Day all! I am happy to announce some good news for me, but it is bad news for the life of the Blog. Keep reading to find out.

The last few weeks I have been going to a few different bases to speak to placement officers and do Interviews for jobs. Its really been so boring, as most of the time I’m sitting around doing NOTHING…It is really boring. I am glad I was getting paid at least. I’ll skip a bit of the hoops I’ve been jumping though, its really not very interesting. Finally though I have made some progress and I have recieved an base assignment.

This week I reported to a base not to far from Gaza, called Mazi. It was a really different base than I am used to, it was an “Open Base.” Which means most soldiers go home everyday. The best part of the base was the food. WOW. I can’t believe how great the food was…prob the best I’ve had in a Dining Hall in Israel. It made worth the three hour bus ride I had to take everyday.

At Mazi, I spoke to a placement officer right away the first day. She told me that I don’t have very many options because I dropped out of a course and she can only give me something within “עובד בללי” which is General Work… There are many positions within the job title, ranging from cleaning, cooking, driving, secretary, logistics, …ect. There are some cool jobs I could luck out with but its pretty much just filling open spots on a base. The officer could only give me options of bases to go to and then I will have an interview at the new base and then get a job (tafkeed). My three options of bases were:

1. Bade 1 (Where they do Officers Training Course)

2. Base 163 (Somewhere in the West Bank in between Jordan and Jerusalem.)

3. (Top Secret Base)

I of course asked, “What is the Top Secret Base? Can I go there?” Well she couldn’t tell me anything about it, but said I could end up with a better job if I go there, but there is a catch. I need a high level of Security Clearance.

I said that that is my first choice. She then responded that it would be very hard for me to get Clearance for a few different reasons; My Hebrew level and new immigrant status. I said I would like to try, so she handed me a 20 some page application packet. She then called her superior to ask if I was even eligible. He said that I was, but that it is going to be really hard. So now I was having some daughts and if it was even worth it…well its the next two years of my life, so If I get it, I guess it would be worth it.

She sent me to the office that is in charge of the application and process. I sat down with the head of the office to see if I could do it by myself. Well, very quickly it was clear that I could not. They found a girl that spoke english and could help me fill out the forms. I sat with her for two hours going over everything and filling everything I could from the top of my head. They then gave the next day off to fill out the rest of the information. I had to call the states and get all kinds of information on my family and personal history. Wow Wow Wow, this was the most intense job application ever. *I would go into it, but I can’t* Lets just say it covers everything in my life. Thoughts, family, friends, history, motivation, medical, ….ect. I finally got though all of it, including an essay in Hebrew summarizing my life from the age of 14. *Impressive, right?

The next day. I had an Interview for the clearance. Now, I went into this thinking it would be a couple hours…interviews never last longer than that, right? Well, I was very wrong. We sat there in a very small plain room for EIGHT/NINE HOURS. WOWOWOW. My brain was fried and my body unable to move. The IDF now know about everything and I mean everything about me. The whole time I was just thinking, there is no way that they are going to accept me… My life just has too many anomalies. They are looking for kids with a perfect family/life with not many anomalies, but some they know is honest and they can trust. I really want to tell you how ridiculous most of the questions were, but I don’t think they want me to tell you. I also signed a bunch of papers limiting my rights and swearing to never tell anyone more than I’m a soldier in the IDF…If I get accepted. The first thought that came to mind was, well if I get it, thats not going to make for a very exciting blog about my life in the IDF.

Well I got home late that night and just passed out. I had to go back to base the next day and find out if I passed the clearance. On Wednesday, I returned to base. I sat around for awhile because they still didn’t have an answer for me yet. I was not getting my hopes up though, as it was a small chance that I would pass. Well finally I got called into the placement officer’s office. She right away looked at me and said “You Passed” (In Hebrew though). I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know how to react…I just kinda starred at her for a few seconds and then she said Mazal Tov, this could be a great job. Wow, “Thanks” I said. She wished me luck and sent me to get my base change papers.

Sweet! I now have a high security clearance. What does that mean though? Well to tell you the truth I don’t quite know yet, but I do know I can’t talk about what I am going to be doing. The only thing I can tell people without clearance is that “I’m a Soldier in the IDF.” Also I can’t do drugs until I’m 45, I can’t go to about 20 different countries, I have to get special permission to go to about another 25 countries, I need a special pass to leave the country up until a year after my service, and some other things. Cool! LOL.

Well I don’t exactly know what will happen to me this coming week and I don’t even really know how to get to my base, plus on one else really knows either… Sunday should be fun!

I am sad though, that this is now going to be my last really detailed blog post about my service in the IDF. It should mean though that I’ll have a better job though. I hope. I might end up being a base bitch, but a top secret base bitch…aka Rasar Work. I’ll try to get more clear on what I can share with you all though. For now though, I wish everyone a Happy New Year and if your fasting, have an easy fast this weekend. I hope also that you will have a good sealing in the book of life on this Yom Kippor.

*On a side note…I will be traveling on Friday to Tzvat/Safed, a very mistical/Kabbalah City in Israel with my good friend Josh Hooper. It should be a really great time.



5 thoughts on ““My Job is so secret that I don’t know what even know what it is”

  1. Can’t wait to talk to you! I miss you so much. I’m jealous that you are Josh will be together:) love you always

  2. Josh,

    Will miss your blogs, they have been very interesting and insightful as to what happens when you make aliyah and go into IDF (huge life decisions). Good luck with your new posting and life in Israel!

    Joanne Allen (Rachel’s mom)

  3. Best of luck to ya sounds like you won’t be around the USs for a long time. I hope you’re truly happy there.

  4. Shana Tova to you and have an easy fast as well! Good luck and just remember “Sweet Dreams” by Eurhythmics for your job 😛 All the best!


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