A quick meeting

Today, I went for an interview with The Air Force placement officer. I took a thirty minute bus ride to the base, its really close. I gave my papers to the window at the office and five minutes later I was called into an Officer’s office. I spoke to her for a couple of minutes about what I wanted to do in the Air Force or Army. See thanked me for making Aliyah and joining the Army and thought it was a very great thing I have done, plus she said my Hebrew as really good. She said that she is going to work her hardest to help me find something that works for me and them. Wow, first time I heard that from anyone in the IDF. Promising, no?

I told her that I could only see myself only in one job in the Air Force. A soldier commander in the Military High School they have as a English commander. I would be a kinda advisor/commander/teacher… perfect, but the chances are not that high that I can get this now. The School already started for the year…

Therefore I told her that I prefer that I be transferred back to the General Army, green uniform, to have a wider array of job options. She said that she can only place people in the Air Force or transfer people to the General Army. Then she told me that I need to come back on Monday and she will let me know what happens.

So far so good…more tomorrow.


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