The Next Step…

Welcome everyone!

I want to start out and thank everyone that reads the blog and shares it with friends, family, and others. It means a lot to me that I have so much support. I also hope that if your thinking about joining the IDF that your enjoying the blog. If anyone has anything to add, ask, or comment please feel free. Thanks!

Ok. So what is going on with me?

This past week I had a meeting with the heads of the base. Well they had a meeting and I waited outside for their verdict. The two times before they called me in to answer a few questions and get my perspective. This time they didn’t. The decided that because of my Hebrew that I will not be able to complete a course, but they saw that I have lots of motivation. They don’t want to kick me to the curb. Therefore they told me that I need to report to another Air Force base for processing to find a Hebrew course or another position.

I was glad that they are trying to help me, but in reality I don’t think they really did try. They are just pushing me somewhere else so I’m not their problem. This is very funny though… While waiting outside the meeting, I over heard a lot of the other soldiers that had meetings as well. Mostly because of behavioral problems or they just want to get out of the base/Air Force/Army… When they asked what they decided for me they were pretty angry because they won’t be able to leave and are being forced to stay on the base.

Out processing was a bit depressing for me. I always thought that this would be a great day for me in the Army. I would have out processed after a graduation ceremony, taking my course tags off, getting an official position, and breaking distance with the commander. To me I was told to take off my tags, run around base going to a bunch of different offices and walking to the bus alone. It felt like I failed and it a way I did… but don’t worry. I am not beating myself up about it and I’m kinda thankful that I might get a chance now to do something I will really enjoy. It was just a weird day.

So I have to report to a small base in Tel Aviv on Sunday and talk to some higherups that hopefully help me find something I want. So wish me luck, plus its my Birthday on Monday, so I can’t have a bad week, right? Plus its almost Rosh Hashana, The Jewish New Year!

May you all have a great Shabbat and I wish you a sweet New Year.

שבת שלום וחג שמח ושנה טובה


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