My first real emergency… Plus a really bad week…

Wow, its been a while right? Sorry, I haven’t had much time lately. This might be a bit long, so I’ll try to break it up best I can. *Just a warning, writing about the past three weeks is going to be a bit hard, so it might jump around a bit…

My Course (That I was in…)

The first week of the course was super boring, we were sitting in class all day learning about Safety and Security. I got the gist of it, but I really didn’t fully understand. My Mifikedet talks really fast and its a different kind of Hebrew, that I really haven’t learned. Well anyways, I took notes and asked the guys to help me out. My Mifikedet said if anyone needs help come talk to her, so I did. I spoke to her about how the Hebrew was difficult and asked if I could get some extra help understanding. She just told me to ask my friends in the class…nice. Well I guess she told her Mifiked…and I had to go talk to him. He asked what the problem was and I said that the reading is really hard for me. He then told me maybe they can help but that I would need to write a letter to the Commander of the Unit. I wrote a letter in Hebrew to him about how much I would like to stay in my course and that I have a lot of motivation. I asked if I could get some help and maybe even the materials in English… Everything is from the US and at one point had to be in English, right? Well no…not the case. Well the next day I get called out to go meet with the Commander for whom I wrote the letter. It was just like the time before when I had to speak to him. A board room full of commanders… He said that he sees that I have a lot of motivation and they want to help me. He says you are going to a Hebrew course. Thats it…

So nothing really happened after that and no one knew what was going on. I just kept on learning in my course. A few days later I met with a Masachit Aliyah (Alyiah Advisor) a really nice soldier that gave me a Hebrew test and told me that she would be teaching me Hebrew. She told me also that there wasn’t going to be a Hebrew Course and that I would probably just have private lessons. I told my Mifikedet this and she said that she still hasn’t heard what they will be doing with me.

Well the days went by with no word about what was going to happen with me and I kinda forgot about it. I went along with the class. We started learning about Hasmal (Electricity). It was really hard learning about electricity all in Hebrew but my friends really helped me out. The last week we started learning more about what we would be doing in the field. It got a bit easier and it was very interesting learning about the bombs and their firing mechanisms. I was really enjoying it.

Here comes some bad news…

Great right? Seems like everything is going well and I might be able to really do this course and have a great job afterwards….Well this last monday, my Mifikedet pulled me out of class and told me that I am no longer in the course. She said that they are going to be sending me to hebrew classes, but she doesn’t know anything about when or where. She then took me over to a my new “Unit (גף)” Its Called Gaf Mantinim, or something like that… Its a Unit of guys waiting for a course to start, so there in Limbo. Well what do people do that aren’t in a course? Go home? Nope… They have to stay on base all week and do Rasar Work…aka Bitch work. I am now doing this. I just wasted my week picking up trash, cleaning bathrooms, shredding paper, ect… It super super sucks. I was really upset on Monday. I just got put in the worst position in the Army and I feel like no one cares about me and doesn’t want to help me. It no sense at all, right? No one and I mean No one knows what is going on and it seems like there is no such thing as Hebrew classes for me.

After getting pretty angry and questioning my new Mifiked of why I have to clean the whole base. I kicked in to my old self and started making phone calls to everyone I know that could help me. I happen to get a connection to someone on my base that can help. She is the sister of my friend’s boyfriend…she is a Maskedet Tash. She made some phone calls and started working on what going on with me…I didn’t find out anything yet, but they are trying to work out when I will have classes…I will know more on Sunday…Fingers Crossed. The Army owes me know. I’m in a really bad position and it sucks…so lets just hope for the best now. I do have some more strings to pull if I don’t find out something…I might even try to do something else entirely in the Army, if I can…

Guess what? My week gets even worse…

Last weekend, I received a phone call from my Kibbutz. It was my building manager telling me that I have three months to find a new place to live. *This is not the first translation I understood. I first translated what she said to I have a week to move out for only three months and that I could move back in…in the meanwhile I could stay with my Kibbutz Family. LOL, Hebrew… Well It turns out that because of zoning laws they need to tear down my building to make room for a new Children Club and School Offices. We have three months to find another place to live. Ok, Damn….this is not the great situation to be in… I do have some hope though. There is two other buildings on the Kibbutz for Lone Soldiers and I heard that I’m third on a list to take an open room…the problem is that no one is saying they are moving out of those rooms, but there is a chance that some of them will. People leave all the time for one of the best kibbutzim, right? Well my family here also said that I could stay with them until something does open up…but I really am not happy with that option. I really need to live on my own. I’m starting to look for other people that might want to get an apartment together in the Center of Israel…Any Takers? or If there is another Kibbutz that has room for me… One good thing is this is not completely my responsibility now, its the Army’s. I talked to someone last week and we are looking into my options now.

Cleaning sucks, so what do I do to get out of it…?

Well so I have gotten a bit of luck. I went to the Dentist a few weeks ago and got a full check up. It turns out that I really haven’t taken care of my teeth like I should…yes I did brush my teeth everyday, but that isn’t enough, I have come to realize. It turns out that I need 10 fillings, a root canal, and my crown replaced. Wow! That would be like a million dollars of work in the US. I’m in the IDF though, so its all Free! I have been to the dentist now almost everyday and I really am milking it for what it is worth. It takes a few hours to get each thing done and then two hours after to let the feelings come back and plus a few hours to get over the pain….or so I tell everyone… therefore I got out of a lot of my rashar work this week.

Now that we are on a health note…

I’ve been to the Doctor on base about my digestive system and the tests I still need to do. The pain and side effects are down to a minimum now, but I still have my moments. I have been trying to get my tests scheduled. I made the mistake and let my commander try and do it. Now that I’m not doing much I have taken it back into my own hands. I hopefully find out tomorrow. BTW, the Food is really really bad…I thought it was supposed to be better in the Air Force.

The Better moments on base.

I really wasn’t liking much of the guys on my base and though most of them were super annoying. I had to stay shabbat on base, and I was not to happy to be suck there with them in the hot sun doing nothing. Well I was in group called Kornanot Bet, I think that is right. Anyways, it is a group of about 100 soldiers that have to be ready to be called up in a moments notice is G-d forbid anything happens outside the base and they need soldiers. I was part of this group for the week and shabbat. We also have to do the Kabalat (Give attention to the commander) every time we are in formation. Its just like in Basic Training. Well I did this all the time on my last base and thought I was pretty good at it. Well that was with a lot of people that don’t speak Hebrew and have an Israeli Accent. Everyone decided that I should be this person to Kabel to the Commander of Kornanot Bet. I did it and everyone started dying laughing. The commander made me do it about ten times until everyone could control themselves. It was embarrassing, but I really enjoyed it and thought it was just as funny. This has giving quiet the label now and I can’t walk around the base with someone saying something. The best part about doing this was that it interested some of the guys to get to know “The American.”  I have met some really cool guys that I can stand now and they are a lot of fun. Plus a couple of them speak english. Which is quiet the find…I feel like no one speaks english on my base. I’m fine with the Hebrew in conversation, but its really nice something to just speak English. English is so stress free for me. I don’t have to think about every word, my accent, and what I’m trying to get across. All in all shabbat wasn’t too bad and I had a good time. The food was finally good though for Shabbat Dinner.

In my course, that I was in… We got to go on a field trip into Haifa. We went to a children’s science museum. It was extremely childish, but whatever it was a nice break of pace. The best part was when a little kid asked me if we were in the Air Force. I said “Yes” and he looked very proud to know that.

We have a Pool, that I like to use…Plus?

I got to work out to in the Weight room to this week. Its one of the nicest I’ve ever been in…there are some pluses to being in the Air Force.

I have the best uniform, ever! It is a one piece jumpsuit.

Ok, so what you have all been waiting for… Why is this titled “My first real emergency?”

Like I said above, I was in Kornanot Bet for a week. This just so happened to be the week when a Lebbonise Tank fired at an Israeli Tank. If you didn’t hear, here is a link. Click Here.

People started to get phone calls from friends and family that something just happened on the border of Lebanon. It started going around at Lunch time that a war was about to break out in the North of Israel. We asked our commander what was going on and she said nothing to big and there is no war. We asked if we would have a Kornanot Bet emergency. She said that there hasn’t been a real one on our base for three years, so its not likely. Fifteen minutes later we get a call from the Commander of Kornanot Bet. He says that we have ten minutes to form up we have a real emergency and we are going called out of the base. Wooh, what is going on. I start calling people to figure out what is going on, we have no news on base. I figure out more of what is going on and see that it could get pretty serious. I was also a bit freaked out because I have a friend in a tank on the Lebanon border now…he let me know though that he was alright. Thank G-D.

We then got briefed on what was going on and what we need to do. We were given ten minutes to run to our rooms and pack a small bag for a few days. We then lined up and got issued rifles, a ton of bullets, flak jackets, combat vests, sleeping bag, and a helmet. “War Gear” We then were told that we would be going to the North of Israel to help out where needed. It might be guard duty in Kibbutim, towns, and/or roads. Wow, kinda of exciting… I never thought that I would be required to so close to a war zone my first few months in the Army and not being in a combat unit. After everyone was ready, we all loaded onto a bus with all our gear. Everyone was pretty motivated and surprised. My heart was beating pretty fast, and I was all ready to go. Now, as every soldier knows; The first thing you do when getting on a bus is to fall asleep. The bus starts moving and everyone passes out, after about an hour power nap most people start waking up. We all start looking out the windows to see where they have taken us… It takes a minute, and then all the sudden…………………..Guess what? We are still on our base.

We are told that we are just waiting on a phone call of where the Army needs us and that any moment we will be leaving…well this goes on until 2130 at night. We finally are told that because we haven’t gotten a word to leave we could go to our rooms and get some sleep. The commander tells us that our position hasn’t changed at all, so we have to sleep in full uniform. It turns out that we never really leave the base. This is a bummer, but really a Great thing. We are not a War now, Thank G-d.

**Well thats it for now, I hope you enjoyed. I need to get some sleep tomorrow could be a big day. I need to be ready to fight my way though the Army Bureaucracy. Wish Me luck!

On a side note. I got to have some of the best weekends the past few weeks. I have had a lot of very amazing and brave friends that have made Aliyah, moved to Israel, or some are just visiting. Thanks everyone for what you do and helping me enjoy my weekends. Love you All and Mazal Tov! I wish everyone the best of luck, it isn’t easy living in Israel.


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