Everything is up in the Air

Hey all,

So I’m going to just write a quick update. I’ve had a crazy weekend and I really just wanted to chill and not write a long post. I do have a lot to talk about though and I’ve been looking forward all week to write about my new base.

The base is alright, but its just so so hot! I can’t stop complaining about it, sorry. I’ve been making new friends, but it hasn’t been easy…but its getting better. I have been in classes all day learning about safety, electricity, and just started learning about bombs. I don’t really know if I’m in the course though, because they keep telling me that I’m going to another Hebrew course because my Hebrew isn’t good enough yet…they don’t know this though…I have been learning everything and I want to take the tests to prove it, but they won’t let me right now. I talked to an Aliyah advisor in the Army that might be teaching me the hebrew course or just helping me once a week. No one really knows what is happening with me now… I hope I will find out this week. Oh and by the way, I am going to be on base again for another two weeks straight. Blah.

I will try to get around to writing everything that went on the past few weeks but I’m really tired now, so here is an outlook….

1. Shabbat on Base

2. Crazy Israeli/Russians I’m with

3. A real emergency (I also got sent to the North after the Tank attack on the Lebanon border.)

4. Hebrew

5. The “American” reputation I am getting…

6. Kids Science Museum Tour

4. Having to look for a new place to live…I get kicked out of my room in 3 months…

5. A million dentist appointments

6. Plus More…


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