I’m in the Air Force (אני בחיל אוויר)

Hey Friends! I’m starting out this post being very positive because the last few days haven’t exactly been going my way. I do have reasons for being happy though…the biggest one being that I have the whole week off. Plus things are not as bad as I first thought. I have come to realization that just because I didn’t get want I was expecting or wanted, is necessarily a bad thing. What am I talking about?

Ok, so on Sunday I had to report back to Michvay Alon. My first base. We had a final goodbye, as all of the jobnicks were leaving for assignments and the Combat/Kravi guys were staying for another week. We really didn’t do anything the whole time until about 30min before our final ceremony. This was the best part of the week. Breaking distance with our Mifideot/Commanders. I was a bit late because I had a trial with the course commander. It was from when the Military Police stopped me about my beard document. It was pretty quick: I said that I was not guilty, told her why, she talked to the head sergeant about it and then said Not guilty. It was about three minutes and very pointless. The problem with my document was that She, the course commander, forgot to check a box on the form. Her fault, not mine.

So back to breaking distance. We sat down on the same level as our two squad leaders, Training and Hebrew. Right away they said that they were from Canada and the US. They speak english at home and they are 19 and 20. WHAT! I was in shock. Everyone in my whole platoon thought that my commander didn’t know English very well and was the most Israeli…and it turns out she is one of the only one from North America. lol. They made some cute arts and crafts projects for us to remember our time in the course. The best part was they made a CD with all the songs we listened to in class.

Closing Ceremony and Job Assignment

It was a quick ceremony. The Base commander spoke briefly and then they called up the top soldier from each Platoon. My good friend, Yoni Meir, from Colorado received this honor in my platoon. Mazal Tov! After all the top soldiers we split up into platoons so that each soldier could be called up. When we were called up we were given a copy of the Torah and a completion certificate, then our Mifikedets took off our Basic Training Tags. It was quiet fun and we got to speak a bit more to the commanders. I also got to meet my “Secret Pen-Pal Mifikedet.” We had the option of having a notebook that we would write to a commander in the platoon. I didn’t know her and she knew me. It was a chance to communicate with a commander without distance. (Pretty much we got to ask questions and get to know each other.) Well, It turns out that it was a mifikedet that I suspected. I was really happy that it was her too. I really hope we keep our connection now.

They then split us up into two groups. People that are going to courses because they have more than six months of service and a group whom only have three months left. I went to the course group to receive my job assignment. Now I was pretty nervous about what I was going to get, but I had hope that it would be something I requested…or close to something I requested. They called me up and gave me my document. Right away I looked to the job assignment. and………………חייל במברך טכני Which is a technical/mechanic placement in the Air Force. It turns out a lot of people got this. All my hopes just ran from my mind…I got pretty mad and went right to my mifikedet to make sure I read it right. I right away asked what I could do about changing it. I was in panic mode. It took me by such surprise. Why would they take an educated, highly motivated, good soldier and stick him as a mechanic. Plus right away they started herding us like cows onto the bus to go home. I started talking with my friends about the assignment. It turns out that I have four-five good friends that got the same base as me. We had to report the next morning to an Air Force base in North Tel Aviv. Well I calmed down as I sat on the bus because we were going home and not to the Bakum. I was told the week before however that I would be able to talk with the placement officer again before getting my assignment. Guess that wasn’t happening now. I asked someone what I could do now about changing. I found out that I just need to start as soon as I arrived the next day on my new base.

Well so on the way home, it turns out I’m on the wrong train and it passes my stop. I’m with Yoni and he stays I could stay at his house in Tel Aviv for the night. I take him up on it. My base is like five minutes from his house and I really need to chill. It was a good time, we had some amazing sandwiches from down the street.

Welcome to the Air Force!…

On Monday, I head out to the new base. I get there and my friends are already there. We wait around for awhile and find out that we are not on our new base, but the Air Force version of Bakum. Right away we are told to switch our Uniforms. Green to a light kaki. It was a big mess there and they didn’t have much to give us, so we sat for a long time to get a full uniform. The next step we found out was that we got to talk to another placement officer. Great. Maybe I wasn’t lied to. After waiting a few hours I finally get called into the office. He asks a few standard questions about myself and then tells me that I’m going to a course at the Air Force Techni School in Haifa. I ask him what is this job exactly and if I have any other options. He tells me that when I get to the school on Sunday that we will be able to pick a course on being trained to specific system in a plane or helicopter. Then he tells me to go to the front office. He really didn’t answer my question though, so I thought to myself what to do. I have been talking to a lot of friends and family about what I have been assigned and what I should do. I’ve been getting a lot of conflicting views. To make it simple…

1. Take the Job. Its not that bad and plus the Air Force is really good.

2. Fight the system. Try to get a job that fits me better and hope that I don’t get screwed. (I guess I still can, btw)

I still don’t know what I’m going to do on Sunday. 1 or 2… I’ll work that out in the next couple of days, but I think that I am going to see what I’ll be doing first before dismissing it completely. It could be a nice job and plus I’m with some really good friends. If I were to get another job, I wouldn’t know anyone. Anyways, I have the week off and Josh Hooper just arrived at Tel Aviv Uni, so we are going to hangout. I am really enjoying the relaxation, but if you didn’t know…Israel is in the Middle East and it really really really HOT. Living my whole life in Colorado without even knowing what Humidity was definitely did not prepare me for this weather.

Have a good week everyone! Oh, almost forgot. Here is a picture of me in the Air Force Uniform. My decision might just come down to what I look best in…


6 thoughts on “I’m in the Air Force (אני בחיל אוויר)

  1. Definitely #2. You’re getting screwed anyway so it can’t really get much worse. If you know what you want then fight for it.

  2. 1st. I say the kaki is sexy. 2nd, I dont know much about the Israeli military, but if it is anything like the U.S. Army, fighting is going to do nothing but screw you even more.

  3. It depends on what you’re going to do after the army, you might want to find a job in the army that will help you in your career. But, being a technician is a very safe job. Nothing wrong with that!

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