The Governor and Family

Shavouh Tov! I wish everyone a good week!

I just returned from a wonderful weekend with my Uncle Tom. I said in the past few posts that I would be getting to join the Governor of Colorado, Bill Ritter, for Shabbat. Why? Governor Ritter is here in Israel on an Economic Mission for Colorado. It just so happens that my Uncle is the Director of the Governor’s Energy Office, so he is part of the Mission. I suggest you read all about it from the Governor’s Press Release. Click HERE to Read. Anyways, I met up with the Mission at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Friday Afternoon. (After spending some time with my bestie, Irene!) I got to join the Governor and Father Kelly at the wall to read a Palsm and take pictures. We then went to our Hotel of the night. (King David). We had a very amazing Shabbat Dinner with a ton of Coloradans. It was really great to be in Israel with so many other people from Colorado, Jewish and Non. We were joined by the President of United Jewish Communities of North America and the President of the Colorado Allied Jewish Federation, plus a number of other dignitaries. Durning the dinner, I was invited to speak to the whole group. There were three other Lone Soldiers and myself, so we all spoke about why we left the US/Colorado, moved to Israel, and joined the IDF. I felt very honored and supported by the group, my Uncle, and my Governor. After dinner, we all went to meet a group of Colorado Teens on IST (Israel Study Tour). They were also very excited to meet their Governor in Israel.

The next day, I woke up and had Breakfast. This was almost the highlight of the day…let us just say it wasn’t exactly Army food…   Caviar…

Well, so the group was headed up to the North to have a tour of a more Christian nature, but my Uncle and I hitched a ride with them. My Uncle and I got off to meet our Family in Zickron Yaakov. Here is a picture with Gov. Ritter, Tom and me when we left the bus.

Tom and I meet up with my Israeli and Dutch cousins for a few hours. It was a really great time, mostly because I can understand them now…with the Hebrew and all. We ate lots of meat and even went to a wine tasting. Then the Dutch cousins, Tom, and I all went to my Kibbutz to meet my adopted family and to drop me off. All in all it was a very fun day. Its really good to see a bunch of people I’m related to and to realize that I tie a lot of them together. (Mom, we took lots of pictures for you. Tom has them.)

Well thats all for now. I need to get some rest now, as tomorrow is judgement day! I most likely will have a real job in the Army by tomorrow night. Fingers Crossed, I’ll update as soon as I get home!



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