My Last Week in Army Ulpan!

I just returned home from a very short week. I started this week at the Hospital in Tzvat. I did a gastro test and it turns out that I have some kinda of over production of Acid in my stomach. Thats why I haven’t been feeling good after every meal. So I received some pills and was sent home. The best part of this whole deal was that I drugged for the test, so I couldn’t leave the hospital alone. I got to have a Mifakedet escort me all the way home. She was really chill and we got to talk some, but most the time I slept. I then got to stay at home until Wednesday. Therefore I got back to base with only two days left in the week.

This week was the last week for all the soldiers not going to Kravi (Combat). I had a lot of fun for the two days and even learned more Hebrew. In classes, we started learning the Future Tense of Hebrew which is pretty hard, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. It just takes a lot of practice. On Thursday, we handed all our “Base Stuff” Blankets, B Uniform, Canteens!, Combat Vest, ect. It was so nice to get rid of all those bad memories… Then we spent the rest of the day playing funny little games to talk about all of our time we had together. To tell you the truth, it was just like the last day of Summer Camp. We even got to go to the top of the tower on base. 165 steps to the top! Our base in known for this tower…check it out below.

Ok, so what everyone has been waiting for….

I got to speak to the קצין מיון, He is the officer in charge of Job placements. I was sent to the Jobnick Officer, there was a Kravi Officer too. I was all prepared with what Jobs I wanted to request. I walked in and sat down with the officer. He asked me a few questions about where I came from and Aliyah and the same thing I’ve been asked by everyone in the Army. Then he asked what I would like to do. I started telling him about going to the Commanders Course and he said that my Hebrew score was not good enough. I started in with him about the test and how I can learn fast and whatnot. He responded with “The course starts in a Week. How much hebrew are you going to learn?” I tried explaining to him how much I want it and such… he said, “Ok, what else?” I asked about the social worker job. He said “No, just for Girls.” Then I asked what about something medical, like a medic or something. He said “Hebrew…” Ok he asked me what I studied in College. I told him Theatre. No response. I asked about Intelligence…He said, “No.”  Then he asked if I would like to be a mechanic in the Air Force. I told him I have a brother that did that for the US Army and that I know its not a job for me. Ok. He then pulled over his officer and they talked a bit. They then responded that if you really want to be a commander than we can give you six months leave from the Army to work on your Hebrew and then you can take the test again. I said is that all you have for me? They responded, “We will talk more later.”

Ahahahahhaha, Nothing. Period. Now everything is much worse. I have no clue where I’m going to end up next week. Plus what would I do for 6 months? I would be bored out of my mind and it would push back my life after the Army.

Well, being a very rational person, I have a Plan B. I have been doing some more research of jobs available to me. There is a lot of jobs, but they are all crap. Like Driver, Cook, storage room, shop keeper…ect…all shit jobs. There is a few possibilities though and I plan on talking to all my friends this weekend and getting it straightened out. Might have to bring in some connections too. On Sunday, I plan on asking about a few more jobs, including; Youth something, Dover IDF (Spokesman), Sarel (IDF Rep for Tour groups…+), …plus more hopefully. I could also try to still get into the Commanders Course, with a few phone calls, maybe…

Well I do know everything will work its self out soon, but its very nerve-racking right now. I would love to write more now, but I’m off to Jerusalem!

Shabbat Shalom from the Holy Land. I’ll tell the governor you say hi.


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