Two more weeks….

Shabbat Shalom All,

I don’t know if I’m going to fully finish my last post, as its been a while and I have lots of new stuff to write about. So let’s talk about last week. I only have two more weeks left at Machva Alon…

This past week was titled “Hebrew Week.” What does this mean… A week of fully diving into Hebrew stuff. My Pluga held a giant competition between the nine Tzvetim, Squads. I am in Tzvet 8. We had to do a bunch of different things to win points and the Tzvet with the most points on Friday wins a BIG prize…. So we had to do things such as; Write letters to the commanders, make signs to put up all over base, answer a bunch of questions of hebrew and Israeli culture, do extra hebrew work sheet, sing songs at the morning formation, and give classes to our peers.

I got pretty into it the first few days. I wrote letters to a bunch of the top commanders in the Pluga, prepared a class on the political parties of Israel…which I didn’t get to present, I made up a song for my tzvet, and did a ton of work sheets. We were in second for whole week and we knew the whole time we wouldn’t win because Tzvet 2 was way ahead of anyone. Oh well it was fun. However I was quiet hindered the whole week also. Like I said last week, I haven’t been feeling to well because of my digestive problems.

This past weekend I really started to feel sick every time I ate anything. Through out this past week it started getting really bad, so much that I didn’t want to eat. I was also getting really bad headaches along with it. I went to the doctor on base a few times and finally I got some medication to calm my stomach. They really didn’t start working until Thursday. My M”M and Mifakedet really saw that I was having a bad time. I also started bugging my M”M about seeing a gastro doctor. I guess that there is only one gastro doc in the Army or something and he is way to busy to make time for me. So after many fights, I am going to see a civilian doctor next week. Wow. Finally.

I’m also getting a bit antsy/annoyed/nervous for the next two weeks. Why? First, we have our finally Hebrew Test from the Bakum, which determines our level of Hebrew for the rest of our time in the Army. This effects where I can go in the Army. Second, I don’t know my Profile now. So I don’t know what I do in the Army. There still is a slight chance I can go to combat. (I’m hoping that these problems I’m having in my stomach can be fixed and I don’t have Celiac). Third, we have our final interview for Job placement for the rest of the time in the Army. and I have no clue where I will end up. AAAHHHAHAH. Well I got some good advice from my Israeli Cousin this weekend. He also said when I do find out my options to let him know and he can help me get what I want. (He is high up officer in special forces of the Paratroopers).

Ok, so for some fun…. Here are some random things that happened this week.

1. There was a Fast for Seventeenth of Tammuz. (Click for more info on the day.) So fasting in the Jewish Army is really nice. It is just a minor fast meaning it is from sunup to sundown. We were all told the night before we could get breakfast at 3am from the dining hall before the fast. So about 15 of us from my Platoon woke up to get something to eat. Well it seems we were told something wrong, because there was no food. But I had some extra food in my room, so I did eat a bit. We then got to sleep all day. We were not required to do anything. How fun. Well the only problem is that is was like 90 something degrees and our room has no air conditioning. I decided that I wanted to be in the air conditioning and learn some hebrew, so I went to half the classes of the day.

2. I got a banana for snack one day.

3. During the competition I wrote a letter to the KaHaR קה”ר, he is the officer in charge of all the hebrew/learning for the Pluga. He is a pretty chill guy and wanted to know more about him and what he does. In my letter I just asked some questions about this. I had also been talking to a lot of higher ups on how I would like torturing on a higher level of hebrew than I was getting in class. So what was the end result? I got to have a one on one hebrew session with the קה”ר. It was really nice and I got to work on the future tense. He also answered my questions I wrote him. It was so nice to just be about to talk to a commander like a human and not a like a subordinate robot.

3. We got to break distance with one of the commanders from my platoon. She is from Australia and is going home for a month, so we won’t see her at the end of our course. It was a lot of fun to just talk to her and especially in English.

4. The best part of the week was that I acted out of character in front of my whole Maklaka (platoon), on behalf of all of us. We had just had a class with the m”m and she gave us a ten minute break. Now at the end of breaks we have to write a Doch 1, Attendance sheet. This is very hard to do for 41 soldiers. Durning this time soldiers were being pulled out by the commanders and returning and leaving…ect. We tried to figure out where everyone was, but it was Impossible….so at the end of ten minutes we decided not to write one. Well this didn’t go so well. The mifikedet, that I don’t really have much respect for in the first place, said “Great, no doch 1, fantastic. You guys just think because the M”M gives you a break that you don’t have to do what your supposed to do…you guys didn’t even think of writing a doch 1, you all have small heads (Roshim Katanim). EVERYONE has to do a Doch 1 at the end of the next break!”  This made me pretty mad and I just felt that I needed to stick up for everyone. Plus when you are told you have a Rosh Katan in Hebrew, its a pretty big insult. and if there is one thing in Leadership that don’t have any respect for is personal insults.

I then, in hebrew, said, “Attention Mifikedet, this is not fair!” with a bit of attitude in my voice. Everyone turned their heads to me…dun dut dun…

She said, “Yes, Tzvi, what did you say”

I then replied, ” This is not fair. How are we supposed to fill out a doch 1 if we don’t know where everyone is. I’m am not G-d and can not know where everyone is when the M”M and all the commanders keep taking soldiers from place to place in the last few seconds without telling anyone where they are going. It is impossible.” (I didn’t know the word for impossible in hebrew, so I said it english.)

She then went on how it is our responsibility and we still had to be punished…blah blah…I stopped listening.

Then guess what? Just before our next break, the Sergeant said that we didn’t have to all write a Doch 1, just needed one.

One Point to the People!

Well thats a bit all for the past week. I hope you enjoyed. Wish me luck for the next coming weeks, I think its the only thing that is going to help… Oh and GOOOOOOO Holland!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Two more weeks….

  1. Good job, stand up for yourself! My dad was in the Russian Air Force and he always would say that standing up for yourself, especially to the other (bully) soldiers is important 🙂

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