Gilad Shalit גלעד שליט

I hope that you all have heard of kidnapped Israeli Soldier Gilad Shalit. If you haven’t then I highly suggest that you get caught up. Here is a few sites to help.

Gilad is Still Alive


Well so right now his parents are holding a very large march from the North of the Country to Jerusalem. My Kibbutz, Shefayim, is one of the hosts. Yesterday on Friday, the March arrived to my Kibbutz at about 6pm. We had a big welcome party. It was really amazing to see all the supporters out marching for his release. I also got to see Gilad’s Parents and Brother. I really hope that this march brings more awareness to his situation and the world will call for his release. Here are some articles about the March.

From the Defense Minister, Click

Renewed Bid, Click

Check out this site as well and sign the Petition to bring hom Gilad Shalit. StandWithUs

Here are some pictures from the March.

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