Preview (Swearing-In, Birthright, Masa, Ulpan)

I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten any posts up from my last week. I haven’t really had much free time this weekend. I just spend a wonderful shabbat with Taglit-Birthright Bus Mayanot 97. Most of the group was from Colorado and I had a bunch of friends on the trip. I’ll talk about it later…

So I don’t even have much time now and I have only a few hours to sleep before I have to leave for the base tomorrow morning. Therefore I’m just going to give a preview of what you can expect next weekend, as this is going to be a pretty boring week, just hebrew classes.

Tuesday I had my Swearing-In Ceremony on Base. It was supposed to be in Akko, an Arab City now, but because of the recent events in Israel, it was moved to my base. It was really nice ceremony minus the fact that it was so so hot and humid. My adopted family and Ulpan came and supported me. I’m now an official soldier in the IDF.

We started tuesday very early. The night before we were told that we wake up at 5am. Well at about 4am or something. I really didn’t have time to look at my watch… All the commanders came running in our rooms, screaming, and telling us we had 15 mins to get ready and be outside in full gear. Wow, I was so jolted. We then went on a 5km Masa. A Masa is a hike over long distances, mostly for combat units…but they do like 70km Masa. It was a lot of fun and it was not really a hike. We ran, crawled, ran, dived, hid, and screamed the whole way. My Tzvet’s new name is Chetz. Which I think means Spear or Boomerang.

The Ulpan just stared now that Basic Training is finished. Well they say that basic is finished, but it really hasn’t. It is almost the same except a few things… We can go to the shop at night for a half hour, use the vending machines after lunch, take our hat off on breaks after dinner, learn hebrew, not army stuff, go running in the morning, and sometimes we get 4 mins to run to our classroom instead of running in 20-30 second intervals. The Ulpan is super easy for me now and driving me a bit crazy. I’m on a higher level now than others in my class. The hebrew commander knows though and she is giving me extra harder work. Now I’m working on a story in response to the recent events near Gaza.

Thats it for now, but stay tuned for a more detailed post… I have pictures too


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