War or Just a Drill?

So I almost forgot something big that happened in the past week.

The past week, Israel has been undergoing air raid drills in case of an attack. All over the country the sirens went off and emergency actions took place. On wednesday while in the field we heard the siren from the Golani base we were on. Our emergency procedure was to lay on the ground and cover our heads with our hands until our commanders told us it was all clear. Well when we were on one of our breaks the siren went off and we all hit the ground. I was very happy that I was in the shade tent. We waited then got up and took attendance. All as planned.

Well on Thursday we were back on base and had no warning of any drills that would be taken place. We were on a break once again when we heard the nearby Arab town’s air raid siren go off. Almost soldier hit the ground, except me, my friend, and the commanders. I didn’t lay down because it wasn’t our base’s siren and none of the commanders hit the ground. In fact all the commanders were pointing and laughing at everyone laying on the ground. They all walked off to pull themselves together and make fun of all our newbies. Then after about two minutes all the commanders came running back panicked and yelling to get inside the building. We all started running. First to the basement, then they told us to go up one floor because there was no room in the bottom floor, then to the top floor we ran. Then they told us to go back down stairs to another room. It was complete chaos, no one knew what was going on. My mifikedet came into the room and told me to go to all the rooms and take attendance of our Tzvet. We asked what was going on and she responded “It is either a drill we didn’t know about or War.” Great…Our hearts were all pounding and we had no clue what to do. So much for our training of what to do.

Well after about 5-10mins we all went outside and carried on as business as usual. They never told us what happened or debriefed us. Guess they were to embarrassed.


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