Second Week: Up and Down

Hey and Shabbat Shalom,

I have just finished my first full week of basic training. I titled this post Up and Down because I have had some ups and down and done a lot ups and downs…(If that makes any sense, Sorry I’m a bit tired. I woke up at 0400 this morning and didn’t get home until 1100am). We do so much all day long, It would be very hard for me to put all of it in order and explain, so I’m just going to summarize the week. I have had a pretty good week overall. I’m starting to make really good friends. I have a chill group of guys I’m with all day and I’m in a super chill room. The only bad thing is that well all mostly are english speakers, so I don’t practice my hebrew at night.

I also got to see a doctor this week. *Now to see a doctor is harder than I expected…but well this is Israel. After arguing with the doctor in my very basic hebrew, she is sending me to a specialist to figure out what is wrong with me. So far this is not hurting my profile, but I think it might depending on the outcome. A plus though is that now that I’ve seen a doctor they are giving me special food in the dining room. I get gluten free bread at every meal and a pre-packaged hot meat meal at lunch. I might stop losing so much weight now. I have been eating mostly eggs and cucumbers at every meal. Oh and I’m allowed to take my lactose pills without doctor permission. I’m starting to think that being lactose intolerant isn’t that big of a deal for the Army…well at least not where I am… *I don’t know this for sure though.* My commander (Mifikedet) has been very helpful in making sure I’m getting my food and eating enough.

Another plus this week, well I think it is a plus, is that my commanders know who I am. I was sitting in a lecture in a room with about 40 people on the 4th or 5th day and the מ”מ Mem Mem (Like the troop commander, My Officer) knew my name when I asked a question and I never had even talked to her before. I’m pretty good at what we do all the time from my experience at military school…such as helping out my fellow squad(Tzvet) members, standing in formation, running, counting time, doing attendance… but this has also been a down side for me too. I really thing the commanders are told to pick on everyone and not single us out, for better or worse, so I get called out on the smallest/stupidest things when others don’t… I even almost got to my breaking point with them on day. I have had some really frustrating moments. It was a lot easier to do all of this tick-tock, discipline stuff when I was 14. I also had a lot of good moments too.

I am loving learning Hebrew, how to use the gun, …ect. Most of the classes and lectures are very good. Its hard to stay awake though. The best part of my week though was on Thursday. In the afternoon, my group was just so worn out, everything was funny. You know when this happens, right? It got pretty out of control, even our mikadeket couldn’t hold her composure. She left the room a few time and even got another mikadeket to help her get us under control. It was really good to have such good laughs though after this very long week. I have a lot of respect for my mikadeket now though. I can see that she is just another human being with her own personality and that she respects us. Yesterday we had a session where we got to tell her everything we were feeling about the training, base, and how we where doing, both the positives and negatives. To quote myself, “To get RESPECT, you have to give RESPECT.” Its not the only way, but definitely the best from my experience.

Random Stuff:

I love running, just not 75 feet in 20 seconds…with a gun and canteen.

I know how to use an M-16 A1 Long. I get to shoot it in two weeks.

I finish basic training June 1st and Hebrew Course July 26th.

I get five days off next week. I love Jewish holidays in the middle of the week.

I really need to speak more hebrew.

Upim is the plural of up.

A small tourniquet is called a Holland tourniquet and a big one is called a Russian tourniquet.

Our weapons were used by the Americans in Vietnam. Its 3 kg and leaves bruises and cuts all over me.

Onish is not a food, but a punishment.

Yom Yarusalim in the Army means a lot more now. (Jerusalem Independence Day)

Time is the most important thing.

and I love Israel!

Well, I might write more later, if I remember more. For now. Shabbat Shalom. and here is a picture with my gun.


2 thoughts on “Second Week: Up and Down

  1. Hi tzvi,
    Stop whining and be a man!!!
    U r locky that u r not my soldier in the paratropers 🙂

    Nir from Boulder

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