Packed and Ready to Go

I have only about eight more hours until I start the induction day. I’m feeling a lot now, but its mostly excitement. I’m having a lot of flashbacks from my first day at the New Mexico Military Institute. Running around, being yelled at, not knowing where your supposed to be, and going station to station. I’m all packed now…shirts, socks, underwear, flashlight, locks, gluten free cookies, shower stuff, running shoes…ect.

Tomorrow I’m waking up at 6:15, showering, shaving, going to blood tests and off to the Induction Center. Idan and I are driving to pick up my friend Herbie in Tel Aviv, then he will drop us off. So off we go! Thanks everyone for the good lucks and wishes!


One thought on “Packed and Ready to Go

  1. Tzvi,

    Wow, do I have the right to be proud of you? I think I do, so I am. You’ve come a long way and you didn’t take the easy road to get there. I like the way you continuously challenge yourself.

    Just a couple of things if you will listen to an older guy: Don’t try to be a hero. Also, study, study, study—be prepared. And when you get out of the IDF, study, study, study—all your life.

    One more: keep in touch and keep writing.


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