Words of Advice (I’ve Heard)

So I have been getting a lot of “words of advice” from friends, so I thought I would share them with you. I am not endorsing all of these or even heeding them. My advice is to just feel it out and if seems like good advice try it.


1. Don’t volunteer for anything

2. Don’t be the first in line

3. Don’t have a lot of stuff

4. Don’t be afraid to be a ‘loud abnoxious israeli’

5. Don’t be stupid

6. Don’t rush though the Bakum


1. Do make sure everything fits, esp the boots.

2. Do have a electric razor

3. Do get a haircut before, I’ve heard they really suck at the Bakum.

4. Do bring a english/hebrew dictionary (to the Ulpan)

5. Do make friends

Well thats all for now!


One thought on “Words of Advice (I’ve Heard)

  1. Hello,

    Your number one “Don’t” rule of never volunteer for anything is so true in the American Army!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish you the best on your IDF service.


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