T minus 2 days

Today was a very busy day.

I had the pleasure… of starting it at the Doctor’s Office. My blood test for Celiac Disease came back negative. Kinda good news. The doctor still doesn’t know what is wrong with me, so she ordered a bunch of new blood and stool tests. I also asked if she could refer me to a Gastroenterologist. One big problem though, I’m going to the Army. I will take my tests very early in the morning Tuesday before I go to the Bakum (Recruiting Center). She also said that her referral should work for the Army. Great…kinda. Oh and I got in a great Israeli style yelling match with the nurse. She was sick though and could hardly talk and was refusing to give me the blood tests today. She Won. Good practice for tuesday though, I just hope I win.

I then had to settle somethings with work so I can get paid. BTW, (by the way), if you change your bank branch, it changes you bank account number slightly. Therefor you have to change all your info with everything that uses direct deposit. I had to go to work, change it there. I also had to call and fax Orange (Cell Phone) and change it there. Pain in my butt.

Then I went to the Kibbutz Market (Markol) and get some food and razor blades. The best part of my day was going into Tel Aviv to meet Chen for Lunch. Chen is my really good friend from Camp Poyntelle Lewis Village. We met at the Mall, ate, and did some window shopping. It was really great hanging out. Oh, and I almost forgot. I got to hang out with Lisa Braverman, from CU, yesterday. Also a ton of fun. I helped her get her noise pierced and we went to the beach.

Tonight I finally cut my hair… 😦 A very sad moment for me. I thought though that it would look a lot worse. Check it out though and let me know. Well one more day!


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