Amsterdam (Jeremy for a week) and 3 more days.

I have returned from my trip to Amsterdam. It was a really great trip and I think I’m in love with Europe. This was my first time to Europe. The weirdest part of the whole trip was being called Jeremy. This is my legal name in the States and what my family still calls me. I had some really good time to reflect back on my past eight months, so here is a summary of my trip and reflection of my time in Israel.


I was really worried about my flight because of the Volcanic Ash over Europe. The few days before I left, I was checking the News to see about my flight. It all worked out though, the day before I left…all the Airports opened up. During my travels, I would have never known that thousands of people were just stranded for the past five days. I did not have the best time getting to Amsterdam however. The cheapest flight I could book, gave me a nine hour layover in Prague in the Middle of the night. I didn’t think it was going to be that bad but was I wrong. I was the only one there, everything was closed, and it was cold. Wow, what a night. After I landed in Amsterdam, I saw my Mom and Grandma walking to get there bags. We then met up with our family and they took us to there house near downtown Amsterdam. Most of the week was just us visiting old family members, most whom I’ve never met. It was nice to meet them, but really boring. I did get to go out in town though, sometimes myself and with my Mom. Amsterdam is a really great and perfect place. Nice shops, nice views, nice cafes, nice everything. It was quite busy all the time though. Some pluses, my Mom took me shopping, I ate lots of good food, met a Scottish barman in an Irish Pub, saw the Red-Light District and Coffeeshops, and some cool small towns in Holland. All in all, I really enjoyed my time with my Mom and Grandma.


One of the first things I was told when I got to Amsterdam, was that I shouldn’t wear anything with Hebrew writing or tell people I’m Israeli. This was from my Dutch family that are very pro-Israel. I guess there are a lot of people that are not to fond of Israel in Europe. There are extremists and anti-Semites everywhere. This was really an eye opener for me, but mostly made me really finally feel like an Israeli. I don’t really know how to explain this, but I guess it just made it more real. Speaking of real; I am going to the Army now in three more days. I am very excited that my dream is becoming a reality. Who would of guessed that little old Jeremy from Colorado, three years ago, that I would be a soldier in the Jewish Army? I didn’t grow up Jewish and now I’m defending the Jews. What happened? (To be continued…)

I have now been in Israel for just over eight months. It has so far been a very life changing experience. Now on Tuesday, begins Chapter #3 in my Aliyah Experience.


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