Final steps (15 days pre-draft)

Welcome everyone to my new and improved blog. I am now only going to be using this site to update you on my experiences in the IDF. You can now sign-up to receive updates by entering your email on the right. So Enjoy!

I am 15 days away from being an Israeli Soldier. I have now been in Israel for 8 months learning Hebrew and Working. Currently I live on Kibbutz Shefayim with other Lone Soldiers.

*I have just receive news that I will be getting my own room on the kibbutz! It’s the best room they have for Soldiers and I got really lucky in getting it. It’s a two person room just for me, fully furnished, quiet, and as they say Kamo Beit (Like Home). It’s only for a year and then I’ll have to move back to a smaller room, but for now its going to be prefect.

*So whats going on with the Army?

I have just had my last visit to Lisgat Gius (Draft Office) this past week. I had an interview so the Army could learn more about me. I waited for two hours before I got called into the office. They asked me questions they already asked me, but I guess this was more official. They asked, Why I made Aliyah, Why I wanted to be in the IDF, Where I was thinking about going in the IDF, and what problems I have had with the process. I answered the questions and that was it. I did have some other things I needed to do in the building. I have been living on my current Kibbutz for three months, but they Army would not recognize that I live here until this week. I don’t know why, but I had to wait. So I gave them a letter from the Kibbutz saying I have been accepted by the kibbutz and currently live here. Then I had to also get a letter from a very important man, by the name of Tzvika Levi. He is known as legend for Lone soldiers. His main job is to find kibbutim for lone soldiers. I found the kibbutz without him, so I had some difficultly taking the normal paths of making this official. I did get to talk to him though and he approved my kibbutz for the Army. So now I’m all set!

*I have a bit of a problem now.

So as many of you know I am allergic to Dairy and Gluten. I have only just recently been to a doctor about it and this is a completely new problem to me as it has developed only since being in Israel. I have done a lot of research and my road ahead is about to be come very hard. Allergies to Gluten is also known as Celiac Disease. I am waiting to hear from the doctor if I have Celiac Disease, or I might just have a sensitive. If I do have Celiac, I will have to adhere to a very strict diet with our any Gluten. If you want to know more click HERE. It is very hard to follow this diet anywhere in the IDF, especially in combat units. Until a few years ago the IDF, did not draft anyone with Celiac. Now their official position is that suffers will have to serve, but will automatically receive a 45 Profile. To read the Article click HERE. So I am now currently waiting for my test results. If positive I will have to tell the Army and be unable to serve in a combat unit. My next best hope is to be drafted to Intelligence. I have no clue what I will happen now though. So wish me luck!….

*May 4th (Draft Day)

In two weeks I will be going to the bacum (base for drafting). My friends will be driving me to the base just outside of Tel Aviv and I will be inducted and processed. Here I will receive everything I will need for my service. I then will be shipped up to a base in the North for the next three months. The first three weeks are a pre-basic training for new Immigrants and then the rest of the time I will be in the Army’s Hebrew program. I should have most weekends off during this time.

Well that is it for now. I am hoping to get on a plane to Amsterdam this Wednesday, cross your fingers. This Volcano from Iceland could mess it up…I also get to celibrate Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day! 62 Years Old. Tonight is also the beginning of Memorial Day for all the Men and Women that have had their life taken from them and us. Please keep them in your prayers and/or thoughts. I have never been more proud of my decision to be come an Israeli and Join the Israel Defense Forces.

Yours truly from the HolyLand,



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