I got my draft date, יום גיוס

A few weeks after I finished my Tzav Rishon and saw the Eye Doctor, I got my יום גיוס.

I did not score well in my Hebrew tests so I will be sent to the base Mikva Alon to attend a Pre-basic training for Olim and three month Hebrew course. Therefore I still don’t know where I will be serving my time in the Army. I believe that at Mikva Alon we are told more about the different options we have and how to go about getting to the units we would like to be in. Currently I am definitely going to be Kavi, Fighter. My יום גיוס, first day in the Army will be May 4th, 2010.

*Note: I found this out later, but when you receive this letter you can access your profile online. There you can see the notes on your file and what you are qualified to do (on a medical basis).

I also got a letter to report to the Recruitment office to have a interview to see if I’m qualified to be a Chayal Boded (חייל בודד), Lone Soldier. and Yes, I am qualified, full benefits.


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