Summer Living in Haifa

My Co-Madricha in Haifa!

Here’s just a nice quick update for all the readers.

Job: Onward Israel (Israel Experience)

My summer job is almost over and it has been a blast. I have 40 students from the Boston Area that are doing a wide range of Internships for two months in Haifa. What is my position? Madrich. What is a madrich? Well one of my students told me that her boyfriend asked what is a madrich and this was her response, “A temporary parental unit, perpetual babysitter, nanny, and a person to whine to.” So that is how they see my position. Very cute :)

I have had such a positive experience being their madrich. I hang out with them a lot in the afternoons at my favorite coffee shop in Kikar Paris. They come to talk about their jobs, roommates, hobbies, passions, and of course their issues. We also get to have a tour in Israel once a week and a educational program on Monday’s. You can read more about these from the Newsletter that I produce once a week. Which is another part of the job I like. They are pretty cool especially because my co-madricha (Yael) and I get to feature two students each time.

I’m hoping this experience will lead me into a full time/year round job in the next month. (Might have a few leads, but if you have any recommendations, let me know) I know now that I want to work in Education (Hinuk) and I’m now looking into teacher training…could you ever see me as a High School History teacher??? In Israel! Well we’ll see…

Ulpan (Kitah Dalet)

This summer I also decided to make my last class of my Masters in Hebrew Ulpan. The University of Haifa International School offers a very good and intense ulpan for the summer. Its four hours/four days/four weeks, plus hours of Homework a day. I’m in the second highest level currently, turns out I may be fluent, but my grammar isn’t up to par. The past three weeks though have really kicked my Hebrew into shape and I hope that you all can tell the difference. I know my reading and writing has majorly improved, which was the goal. With my final next week, I’ll be done with my MA classes! Now I just got to finish all my research papers…. : )

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Spring Semester: New research projects and a Job

A lot has happened in the last few months and I’m about to finish my second semester of Grad School. I’m starting to get overwhelmed with school work, aka Research Papers. I haven’t finished all my papers from the first semester and now I’m being assigned more. My biggest problem: no hard deadlines = procrastination. Well, not like I’m doing nothing. I’ve been reading a lot and working on research (I have an overflowing suitcase of books), it just feels like I’m not getting anywhere because I have not written much. This summer is going to be full of reading and writing, not so much beach. So what am I researching now? Read at the end of the post.

Most exciting thing that has happened since my last post is that I have a new Job. After a resume submission, phone interview, group interview, and private interview I have been accepted to be a madrich (counselor) for Onward Israel and Israel Experience. I will be working with a group of 40 college students from the Boston area. These students will be doing internships all over Haifa in many different organizations/companies. The job description states that I will be their main contact person in Israel to help, guide, mentor, teach, and counsel them in their two months in Israel. Most of the time I am “on-call,” but I also get to hang out with them after work, run programs, and guide them on trips. What an exciting summer I get to have! I am looking forward to the students arriving, for now I’m doing a few days of intensive training. You can follow my twitter and instagram all summer to see what we will be up to…@israelbuff

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Let us hope this goes really well and I get a full-time job out of it. I’d love to work with Israel Experience, Masa, or the Jewish Agency full-time.

New Research Papers:

Course: Israel Stories
Topic: In depth analysis of Motti Lerner’s play The Pangs of Messiah
*Talked directly to Motti today to get a PDF of the english translation. He happened to be sitting with my previous employer from Theater J, Ari Roth when I spoke with him.

Course: Modern Israeli Society
Topic: Afro-American culture and Ethiopians in Israel
Question: How does Afro-American culture (music, dress, politics) influence Ethiopians in Israel?

Course: Culture’s influence on the environment (19th Century – Erez Israel)
Topic: Templars in Sarona
Question: How did the Templars in Sarona change the environment around them and their influence on foundation of Tel Aviv.

Course: Israeli Youth Culture
Topic: (Not sure yet)
I’m thinking about writing about the development of the Israel madrich and their influence on generation Y.

Also check out a short video I made about the 1948 War Field Course.